Bandit signs are essentially miniature billboards, you love them or you hate them. The corrugated plastic signs on the side of the road advertising “we buy houses” or “I buy houses,” these do actually work. Now the average person needs to see your message five times before they respond. So don’t get frustrated if you don’t get calls immediately. Here are some bandit sign tips.

When looking for the right design, pick colors that are hard to miss. Bright yellows, bright pinks, fluorescent  anything just over the top obnoxious is what you’re looking for. Now I’m a fan of the ugly sign, the bright yellow with red lettering. They are ugly. So people are compelled to look at them. A yellow background with black lettering, these colors make the sign hard to miss and draw attention to it as well. And of course, white background and red forefronts also work well. Keep your message simple, “We buy houses,” or “I buy houses.”  My preference is really the yellow and black over the white and red. I think that it jumps out, it’s more visually stimulating.

But understand that you don’t have a lot of room there to be communicating a message. So it’s got to be short, it’s got to be succinct. As you can see, if you’re going to put your website at the bottom, if your website is too long, this is when you would do a ny URL, so that they can just type in\1234. So again, going back to tinyurl, this is why you would want to utilize it. If you need a URL that people can click on a hyperlink to go to your website and fit it into a small little, tiny space. So be aware of that.

Some bandit sign tips: You need to acquire an easy-to-remember phone number to place on the signs that is not traceable. Do not put your company’s name on your sign, or your name on the sign. It’s not important. When choosing a message, keep it short and to the point, for example, “We buy houses,” or “Cash fast.” Make sure the font you use is as big and bold as possible, it must be easy to read. Avoid the temptation from a cost-saving standpoint to get a big marker and write the sign yourself. Your handwriting, even if you are a professional artist, is not going to pull as well as just big block letters that you can buy at Home Depot. So that is my preference. The content must consist of no more than two lines, not including the phone number.

Also find a neighborhood to work in. Drive the neighborhood, locate every entrance and exit and then place signs in front of those locations. It is best to do this on a Friday evening, so your signs will stay up for a full weekend. If your signs are up throughout the week, often times kids throwing rocks waiting for the school bus will knock them down, destroy them, and the best thing to do is put them up Friday night and go back and collect them on Sunday. You’re going to get most traction on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from these signs. It is best to do this on a Friday. Drive the neighborhood several times a week, and make sure to replace every sign that is missing.

To Your Success;

Lee A. Arnold


The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing

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