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Small House, Big Payoff

Nathan Brown had always watched the flipping shows on TV and talked about one day doing a project, but it wasn’t until he returned from a vacation when he realized it was time to do something about it. With instruction and guidance from Lee Arnold of the Lee Arnold System for Real Estate Investing, Nathan took the plunge.

“After so many HGTV, DIY Network and Do It Yourself home shows, we knew it was time to take the plunge. Calling COGO capital was the first step in a great decision. Talking with Lee and his staff, they helped me choose a property, line up financing, establish remodel goals, stage the finished rooms, list and ultimately sale the house. Our first real adventure out in the house flipping world was a little scary, but they put at ease with some guidance and direction from Lee. It was just the shoulder we needed to lean on. I have to say, we went over budget, but still made 6-months of income in 6 weeks. Thanks again COGO Team!”

After finding a small property to start on—540 square feet to be exact—Nathan purchased the property at the wholesale price of $50,000.

Construction took about 7 weeks and $14,000—a little higher than he originally budgeted, but with the project done in plenty of time, the experience went smooth. Other than having to jack the floor up a few inches in the bathroom and raise the height of the roof, the only major rehab cost went into rewiring the entire electrical system in the house. Big ticket items aside, the rest of the repairs were cosmetic, and none of the rehab went over schedule.

He was able to get the house on the market in the 3rd week of October. By December 3rd, he received an offer, and they closed on January 4th for a total of $99,900.00.

After all the holding and closing costs, Nathan pocketed a net profit of $25,031.

When asked if he had any “Aha!” moments, Nathan replied by explaining how he’d never do a house with one tiny bedroom again! He realized it was too small for his big dreams (540sq. feet, remember?), but with the total profit he earned, Nathan admitted, “I’d take those projects all day long!”

After taking a small break, Nathan plans to do more projects and implement what he learned in a larger property.

Nathan raved about Cogo, saying the loan process was “easy and seamless.”

His experience with the Lee Arnold team was instrumental in his success, too. “It was nice to have staging help and to bounce rehab ideas off the team. Any questions I had I was able to pose them and get real-time answers. I’d always wanted to do a flip, but when the rubber met the road, I still had a lot of things to learn and was grateful for my support.”

We can’t wait to see what Nathan Brown does next!

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To Your Success;

Lee A. Arnold


The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing

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2018 Predicted Real Estate Trends

2018 Predicted Real Estate Trends; and How it Impacts You

As we roll through Christmas and prepare for the New Year, let’s spend a few minutes discussing the real estate trends you should prepare for.


Each year, the market looks different. As much as you can, you should spend some time evaluating the professional predictions, looking at your local market, and working the trends into your annual goals to see faster, more effective growth.

According to Zillow, inventory shortages will drive the housing market. With 12% fewer homes on the market nationwide than a year ago, 51% of them are in the top 1/3 of home values. Not only are these properties out of reach for first-time homebuyers, but the average buyers looking to upgrade won’t likely move to get them.

Because of this trend in real estate, it is expected that builders will focus on building entry-level homes, giving more inventory to first-time and lower- to middle-income buyers. According to, housing starts are predicted to rise 3% over the year, but single-family home starts will increase 7%. This increase in residential housing on the starter-home level, according to economists, is the key to leveling out and bringing down home prices. Home prices will still climb, and even with new construction on the rise, economists call this increase nearly “unstoppable.” Home prices are expected to rise 4.1% in 2018, 1.1 percentage points higher than the average appreciation of 3%, but slower than the current annual pace of 6.9%.

The millennial generation is also expected to move further out from urban centers where many of them rent, giving up their preferred ’round-the-corner entertainment and shopping options in favor of affordable housing. As these 25-34-year-old homebuyers have families, they will also look for wider halls to accommodate strollers, as well as larger communal spaces. Homeownership rate will stabalize at 63.9% (according to after having hit bottom in the second quarter of 2016.

Another Zillow predictions for 2018 shows that instead of buying new homes, existing homeowners will invest in remodeling to make their current home feel and look brand new. The baby boomer generation will also drive home design as the need for wheelchair accessibility, step-in bathtubs, extra handrails, and stair mobility access is needed.


Since housing prices are still on the rise, the current methods you are using to acquire properties may not be as effective in 2018. You would be wise to have more than one strategy to find cheap properties in which to invest.

While working with the city to improve neighborhoods by doing what we do best, I’ve discovered a way to acquire properties that are hidden in plain sight. These houses have highly motivated sellers and offer a huge profit. And I’m teaching it to you in the Master Lien Abatement Certification.

With our first class under our belt, here’s what attendees had to say:

To read more about what this program is, what we’ll teach, and how to take advantage of this wildly untapped market in your area before the competition takes it over, CLICK HERE TO READ MORE. And then READ THIS ONE. This is not the kind of stuff you want to just skim over. This new strategy can change your business!

Why are we teaching this new method at the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate? In 2018, Cogo Capital is deploying more money than ever. We need that money to go somewhere, and we’d like that money to go to you.

If you’d like to get involved in the Master Lien Abatement, call is now at (800) 473-6051. Space for the next available class is very limited.

UPDATE!: Demand for the new Master Lien Abatement Course is very high. Our first 2018 class has already filled and is closed. Please be advised that the next available class is scheduled for April 16-19, 2018.

To Your Success;

Lee A. Arnold


The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing

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Restoration for a Flood Community Done Right

- - Testimonial


Ronald and Chandra Gibson work with “flooded and gutted” homes that run the gamut of issues from mold to rot to health hazards.

Because of the severity of these concerns, Ronald understands and preaches the importance of never cutting corners. He’s built up such a reputation, in fact, that agents seek him out and get deals to him first and appraisers use his houses as comps as he sets the tone for each neighborhood.

Ronald and Chandra ease any misconceptions about the homes previous flooding by always presenting high-quality results. Chandra does the interior design, and although they understand that it often means more money spent, their motto is “If we wouldn’t move into it, we won’t put it on the market.” And with a motto like that, they’ve never had a house sit on the market more than one day. They often reconstruct the interior layouts to make sense and, according to Ronald, “woo people” with their design.

Ronald tries to sell each house before it goes on the market, and has had three pre-sales out of that strategy.

With a full-time job with shell chemicals and three kids–13, 12, and 7 years old–Ronald and his wife, Chandra have found a way to keep their schedules full of restoration projects without sacrificing work and family time to do it.

Recently, they closed two properties with Cogo Capital.

The loan amount for the first property came in at $104,975.00 and after the house sold, Ronald pocketed a healthy $114,520.04.

The loan amount on the other was $159,250.00 and sold for $299,000. After deducting rehab and closing cost, he netted a profit of $67,875.64.

With the advice of his Success Accountability Group coach, Mike, Ronald has had people calling him for help. Recently, he was approached by a fellow investor who got near the finish line with the property only to learn that the mold wasn’t properly taken care of and overtook all the new cabinets, drywall, and finishes. Ronald tries to help by buying out projects that he can, but if the numbers don’t make sense, he can’t always help.

For more on the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate and the Success Accountability Group and coaching, call (800) 473-6051 for information and to start your journey of success today.

He has had a “beautiful experience” working with COGO. “If there have ever been bumps and bruises,” Ronald said, “the COGO staff is quick to clean them up and provide great communication.”

The loan officers walk him through everything as needed. In fact, Ronald and Chandra were recently in the process of purchasing their own home, and the mortgage company needed all sorts of documentation about their investing work.

“Cogo was more than helpful and accommodating with the information we needed.”

In addition to these 2 houses, they have another house they financed through Cogo that Ronald bought for $75,000 that should go for $299,000; a project that is already gutted and he estimates will cost $60-70,000 to fix. Ronald is also managing two smaller projects Cogo financed projects that he bought for $33,000 and $40,000 with a retail price point of about $120,000 each. After renovation costs, he stands to make $30-40,000 on each of those.

His advice? Take action! He often interacts with people who started with the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate at the same time as he did, yet they haven’t moved from where they began. Always trying to move them forward, Ronald wants to see them succeed alongside him and encourages them to press on.

We appreciate his encouragement to others and support Ronald and Chandra in their continued success!

Your Partner is Profit;

Lee A. Arnold


The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing

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Another Successful Rehab

- - Testimonial

Deepa Quadir-Alam is no rooky when it comes to real estate deals. She brokers them, she has flipped three of them, and she buys and sells them as an agent. The last property she closed with COGO was a home she found herself on the MLS.

With a loan price of $107,250, Deepa finished the project from loan to closing in under six months, pulling from it a profit of $17,500.

This New Jersey home was a smooth job, for the most part. Trouble wasn’t far from the beginning, however, when her first contractor abruptly dropped the job before the scope of work was completed. It proved an insignificant hurdle in the end.

She then hired a new contractor using Lee’s contractor contract was able to stay on COGO’s draw schedule for the project.

After a few projects, she has realized the detailed scope of work changes a little each time, and Deepa gets to know more of what needs to be done each time. She builds upon her knowledge each time, always striving for better.

During the project, Deepa encountered a problem when she discovered that an underground oil tank had been removed before she took possession of the property yet still needed to provide proof to the EPA that it had been safely and properly removed. The document took time to produce a “no action required” letter. The benefit to the snag in her plan was that it bought time to find a new contractor after the first abandoned the project.

The lesson, she said is, “Don’t stress over too many things, it could work out for good.” And her timing worked out well, in the end.

Otherwise, the project ran smoothly. The project was delayed a little because the painters fell behind with the spackling. But again the delay proved a benefit. The comps in the area were suffering and would’ve meant a lower sale price had it not been for a last-minute comp that sold at a high value and saved the price of hers. Any sooner and Deepa would’ve had to sell the home at a lower value. Again, she mentioned the perfection of the timing and the hidden blessing in the delay.

Moving forward, Deepa is closing on an REO now; just waiting for the seller to sign and getting a contractor quote. Deepa sold a house to a friend as an agent, is closing another in October, and is buying one in November. Her future in flipping is ripe for the picking, and her biggest piece of advice is to “Find a good handyman!”

Deepa found her handyman though her contractor, and he saved the day with all the little things at a reasonable price. She maintains a good relationship with her handyman, and he remains accountable to her requests and communicates well.

“Even if you can’t find a good contractor, find a good, insured handyman to do the small jobs, and you’ll stay on schedule.”

To learn more about the products and services Deepa has taken advantage of, including participation in the now-replaced Lee’s Inner Circle and Rehab for Riches, call us at 800-533-1622. If you have a great deal that you’d like COGO Capital to fund, call us at (800) 473-6051 or visit to get a fast quote.

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A Dual-Track Investor with a Promising Future

- - Testimonial


When it comes to hard work, Tyon Robinson doesn’t get discouraged easy. And his positive attitude has served him well in his work and his business, netting him $47,711 on his last project—his first full project he did from start to finish with funding through COGO Capital.

After working with his cousin on several real estate projects, Tyon caught the real estate investing “bug” and learned some of the hands-on skills of handiwork and project management. Branching out and starting his journey has served him well.

He found this property by putting a post on Facebook to advertise for his services as a Certified Private Money Broker. A couple from his church saw the ad and contacted him to meet about lending, but they ended up offering their property for sale, which had been flood damaged.

Tyon secured funding with COGO Capital and got started right away.


The flood damage and the rest of the rehab went smooth, mostly as expected. A challenge arose when they found a hole in the backyard that turned out to be an old septic tank. During an attempt to fill it, the dump truck sunk into the ground and they lost a load of sand and some time. But after some troubleshooting, Tyon was still able to get the sign in the ground on the 45th day after beginning the work. Five days later, he had the house under contract after multiple offers, of which he took the best one of a few hundred over asking price. Once the house was under contract, he had a few FHA items to tighten after inspection, but with a profit of $47,711, the added handiwork was worth it.

Not only that, but Tyon made an added $4,950 brokering the deal as a Certified Private Money Broker. He has brokered ten deals since Mark 2017, following the dual-track investor system of making money on the properties he flips AND making money through the brokering funnel.

As a police officer in Louisiana, Tyon already works 50-60-hour work weeks. But he isn’t in a hurry to walk away from his day job. He likes real estate because he says, “It’s fun, it’s flexible, and I can supplement my income to make better money for my family.” With a 6-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy, extra income and flexibility are a must.

Because of his training in Rehab for Riches and being a member of the Success Accountability Group where he received 9 months of 1-on-1 coaching, he stays accountable to his key performance indicators (KPIs) and can track his growth. Tyon has been able to define his project management skills, minimizing his time with each project and maximizing profits. He speaks highly of the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate and his coach saying he was always helpful and informative. Tyon even used the staging list and lessons from Rehab for Riches, moving the items from this home into the one closing next week, attributing his quick sale to an accumulation of the lessons he’s learned.

Moving forward with the help of a few trusted partners (one of which he was introduced to by his Success Accountability Group coach), Tyon has a rental property closing next week with approximately $60,000 in profit. He has another project with about a week of work left to be done on it, closes on a lot next Friday, and closes on a flip next Wednesday on the same street. With several other loans through COGO Capital, Tyon’s business is thriving.

We can’t wait to see what he’ll do next!

To learn more about the education Tyon Robinson received, and to get on your own path to success, call us at 800-533-1622. Click HERE to learn more about a Funding Tour near you and get started on your next project with a $250,000 pre-approval letter for attending.

To Your Success;

Lee A. Arnold


The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing

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Do you know how to find a good real estate investment deal?

Do you know what to do to acquire it?

Do you know how to be involved in the decision making process of how loans are funded?

Have you actually seen, in person, the local real estate in your own back yard?

Do you know how the closing process works?

Do you have money to acquire these properties? What about the money to fix them up and sell with none of your own money down?


I’m using this week’s #TestimonyTuesday to drive home the point that testimonies can come from anywhere and anyone, even Funding Tours and even people who are just starting out on their journey. Sometimes you look at people who’ve made tens of thousands of dollars on a fix and flip, and it seems too far off for you to even fathom.

But what if you were challenged to just take ONE STEP, and that one step showed you how to make the next and gave you confidence and knowledge to keep plowing forward, one step at a time. What if your spend 3 days advancing your dream into something that was tangible. What if you made your that ONE STEP and it changed everything?

I’m challenging you to take that one step now.


But, don’t take my word for it…

“I enjoyed to bus tour today. It was eye opening to see the houses and to listen to all the input that was given, and how they would rehab the houses. It was a really good experience and I would recommend it to anyone.” David Parker- Oklahoma

“As a visionary from Chicago, I’ve been to many events, but have never had an experience like the Lee Arnold VIP session. I’m blown away by how powerful and impactful it was to have Lee Arnold sit with us and breakdown every fear and hindrance. He helped me think of the big picture, and take bite-sized portions in order to get the first deal done. There’s no stopping you if you’re backed with Lee’s education and COGO Capital’s financing!” Ray Colon- Chicago, IL

“I recommend this training to everyone who can get this chance. We learned a lot, how to go over the numbers and how to use other people’s money to make money. It has been a great opportunity for me.” Annet Natukunda- Aurora, CO (originally from Uganda Africa)

“I learned how we can get and use private money in our business and make money by helping others get private money. It’s a great business model and a great training. The instructions are fun and they answer a lot of questions. You don’t get pushed to decide and they’re there when you need additional information.” Ken Gandy- Katy, TX

“You see multiple income streams in that which most of us want to do anyhow; invest in real estate. You need to be here!” David Kunselman

“After coming out to the Funding Tour in Oklahoma City from Golden, Colorado, I gained a serious appreciation for the fineries of the underwriting process and realized what it’s like to be in a hedge fund. The event was fun and informative, and I can’t wait to learn more about rehabbing.” Rob Katona- Golden, CO


Turning a Wholesale House into a 32k Profit

When Mark and Donna Akeman purchased the house, they didn’t suspect that the wholesale deal would turn into a scheduling ordeal, but the lessons they learned were golden.

The Akemans purchased the property in Webster Groves, MO for $155,000 from a wholesaler. After securing their financing from COGO Capital, Mark and Donna promptly went to work on the rehab. Using a tactic that Mark now considers a mistake and a great lesson, they declined using COGO’s system of taking draws to pay the contractors and came out of their own pocket for the renovations to the tune of 60K.

Before long trouble brewed. When the first contractor disappeared, the Akemans were left with an unfinished project and a clock that was counting down. With a lot on the line, they bounced back with a new contractor, and the Akemans made better, longer-lasting relationships with the right contractors because of it. Their new contractor did a top-notch job, but unfortunately, the whole ordeal put them behind schedule and missing out on greater profits.

“It took too long,” Mark said of the project. “But we learned a lot.”

The Akemans wouldn’t do it the same again. They now know that if they had used the draw system set up by COGO to aid in their success, the first contractor’s feet would’ve been held to the fire and they would’ve saved time and overall cost.

Aside from the profit Mark and Donna made, the relationships they built and knowledge they gathered made it worthwhile. So, what was their profit? Well, they purchased the home for $155,000 and sold it for $247,000. After putting $60,000 into renovations, as well as paying carrying and closing costs, Mark and Donna walked away with a $32,000 profit!

“As always, COGO was very knowledgeable and professional throughout the process, and as usual, Lee’s system was correct. But I did not follow them, and it cost me money. I will follow Lee’s guidance now that I’ve learned better. We got lucky that it was in a very sought after area and didn’t sit on the market long once we finished,” said Mark.

With a number of homes on the horizon, Mark and Donna plan to take on multiple projects at a time now that they’ve successfully tackled their learning curve and streamlined their process. They are currently working to acquire three properties, for which they plan to use COGO as a lender (and their draw system, too!). With the help of COGO Capital and the guidance of Lee Arnold’s system, the Akemans know that they can make more profit in less time by stacking their rehab schedule.

“We had some snags,” Mark affirmed, “But we’re not quitting!”

And with a profit of $32,000, who could blame them?

The Akeman’s check before deducting the cost of the contractors and carrying costs. Their net profit was $32,000.

To learn more about COGO Capital, visit us at You might be our next success story!

It Was Worth It


Sylvia Redic already owned the house in Bloomfield, New Jersey with a partner when a major fire broke out on the property. She used a loan from COGO Capital to buy out her partner for $140,000 and pay for the renovations. With full command of the property, Sylvia got to work with renovations.

It took 2 to 3 months to complete the rehabbing without too many delays, and while designing the renovation was fun, Sylvia remained savvy with the understanding that this wasn’t going to be her dream home. “It makes better business sense to purchase a neutral tile for just $3.00 per square foot than my personal favorite for $20.00.” And with her keen sense of style, it was a strategy that paid off in the end.



The greatest challenge with the project was hiring a Realtor who spoke a big game about himself but wasn’t as knowledgeable about the area as promised. “He wasn’t proactive with the sale,” she explained why the property sat on the market too long once it was complete. Sylvia partnered with a new Realtor who made several recommendations on small jobs to tackle that would draw in more buyers. Sylvia took the new agent’s advice, put another 3 weeks of work in, and sold the house in just 5 days!

After investing 70k in fire repair and rehabilitation, and after holding and closing costs, Sylvia’s net profit was $73,000! When asked if it was worth it, her answer was an emphatic, “Yes!”

“I learned not to take downfalls personally and to separate myself from project enough to look at it professionally,” Sylvia said. “I can see now what it takes and know that I’m capable, moving forward, to do it even better next time. I can’t wait to implement what I learned as I move forward.”

Sylvia plans to take a moment of rest before adding more properties to her roster.




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Turning a Nuisance into a New Start

- - Fixing, Flipping, Testimonial

I renovate a lot of houses. Most of the time, I find abandoned and foreclosed properties, I get in there with a crew for 40 days, and we turn the mediocre house into someone’s dream home. Sometimes we run into problems—I’ve seen mold, missing structural beams, and there was that time in Salt Lake City when we discovered an intrusion of cockroaches in the walls that had survived multiple bug bombs.

But sometimes a rehab is bigger than that, because sometimes an entire community is shaken by a problem house.

As the fourth nuisance house we’ve acquired through the city since 2015, the house at 6117 N. Cedar St. in Spokane was just such a case. After a man with mental health issues and a history of drug use lived there for years, almost every element of this house was destroyed. He created fire hazards by burning pieces of the torn-off walls for warmth, the police were called on him over 50 times in less than 2 years, and his threats to the neighbors became unbearable.

During demo, crews discovered a few surprises, including a 5 gallon bucket of human waste.

(Remember the drug den we acquired from the city of Spokane and turned into a comfortable retreat for a retiree last year? )


Upon completion, we received a full-price offer within days.

The house is a beautiful addition to the street, but the amity that was restored to the community is even sweeter. Like I said, sometimes a rehab is more than just a job well done and a successful sale. We can reach into the hurting streets of our city to restore peace where there was once only turmoil.

For the full story and more photos, visit the Spokesman Review article by clicking on the photos above or the link below:

Grateful to Build;

Lee A. Arnold


The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing

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A Breakthrough!

- - Flipping, Testimonial

A quick job with minimal work created a threefold payoff for this investor!


“I had a breakthrough moment after many long years of not pulling through.”

After being an ambassador for Lee Arnold since 2011, Mario Marsden had a revolution after years of dormancy. Although he has flipped homes before, Mario finally put Lee Arnold’s advice into action, and while using COGO Capital as his lender, closed a deal in Port Saint Lucie, Florida with a profit of over $30,000.

The rehab was light, involving only cleaning, superficial repairs, painting, and changing out an appliance. In all, Mario spend approximately $3,000 on the job. But the best part came when Mario followed Lee’s instructions to get paid 3 ways on the deal, profiting as an Investor, a Broker, and a Realtor. Since he bought the property for 95k and sold it for more than 130k, that meant even more money went directly in his pocket.

Thrilled to have profited so deeply, Mario said his Aha! moments kept multiplying. “Most people only profit one way,” Mario said of his three-way win, “but I’m glad I listened to Lee and served as a broker and realtor on the deal, too.”

“I should’ve overcome the obstacles and done this a long time ago.” Mario said, recalling the advice from Lee Arnold he passed up over the years. “But now I have momentum to keep moving forward.”

Though addendums and changes to the buyer’s contract on the back end caused nearly 2 ½ months delay when it came time to selling the property, funding the property with COGO on the front end was a breeze. “It happened quick and without problems,” Mario said. “They had great support and I’ll use them again.”

Mario is ready to repeat the process and is currently looking at several possibilities for his next project for which to use COGO.

With an educational foundation from the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate, Mario used several programs including a Real Estate Investment Workshop, Broker Certification, and a one-on-one with a mentor. For more information on these and other tools that helped Mario break through to success, contact us at 800-533-1622

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