A Faster and Better Loan Process

As a full-service Private Money lender for real estate investors, we do most of the leg-work for you. While you build your real estate portfolio, we fund your deals fast. Whether it’s for wholesale, rehab, or buy-and-hold for long-term cash investment deals, COGO Capital delivers fast and easy access to Private Money.

Private money lenders like COGO Capital are just as interested in working with you as you are in working with us! It’s a real estate investor’s symbiotic relationship where both sides stand to gain something from every deal.

In return for interest on our investment, we are entirely capable of bringing speed and efficiency to every transaction. In turn, your leverage with the homeowner increases when you offer to purchase a property with private-cash funds.

We’re here to serve you with excellent rates and unbeatable terms.

BUT…we can all work to make this process a little smoother and a faster.

If you’re working on a loan that you want to be done quickly and correctly, you’ve come to the right place. Now, let’s maximize your contribution with some carefully placed sweat-equity in the process.

Top things you can do to assure a more expedient loan process:

– Have your documentation ready and return it promptly.

– Watch for emails and communication when we need your signature. It happens all too often that a loan is held up because of one needed DocuSign signature that sits in your inbox for a week.

– A loan can be stopped or slowed down during processing when the borrower doesn’t look at the Needs Lists. When a loan officer sends out a specific form that needs to be taken care of, act quickly.

– Talk to us. A lot of people feel they can complete a file without asking questions, but it’s usually faster to ask and get it right than send in the wrong information. You can always call us at (800) 473-6051 to clear up any inquiries or to get support.

Together, we can build a smooth process and a quality experience that will make you money over-and-over again!

Are you ready to start working with private money lender that puts you first? If you are interested in a loan from COGO Capital, call us at (800) 473-6051 to discuss your deal or go to CogoCapital.com to receive a rate quote. For our latest success stories, click HERE and HERE to read how others are finding, funding, and making money on their deals.

We look forward to funding your real estate success!

To Your Success;

Lee A. Arnold


The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing

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