Start Here: Follow These 3 Steps To Fix and Flip Your Way To Wealth

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home businessRehab real estate investing can start out as a part-time gig for significant additional income.  When you start flipping at least 6 houses a year, then it becomes a well-paying job.  From teachers, general contractors, policemen, entrepreneurs and small business owners to doctors, lawyers and financial advisors, anyone can make money flipping houses if they are determined to shift their attention, see big picture and do the work.

If you have more money up front, you may want to start gun-ho. Cogo can provide the private money, until you get enough experience and wealth accumulated to keep the business moving like clockwork.  If you have little to no money up front, you can still secure your future through a logic based loan.  If it makes sense, no matter the property type, we will bend over backwards (jump through every hoop imaginable on your behalf) to make it work.

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Here’s A Method Helping Rehab Investors Build Close Ties With Their Agents

- - Communication


How To Find An Agent For Your Rehab Investments

If you do not have your real estate license (not a bad idea to entertain), you must find a speedy agent who can get you as many listings as possible, fitting your rather unusual criteria, perceiving a miniscule commission rate from your bargain, and… they are thrilled about it.  What a dream team.

When you wake up from your dream, you will learn that you can keep an agent for a long time and this can be a mutually beneficial relationship.  But? You just need to take some burden off your agent, clearly relaying your minimal expectations. Continue Reading

12 Mind-Shifting Approaches To Make 2015 Your Last Year As An Employee

- - Personal Growth

mindshiftThe new year is upon us and we are amped up with content to help you fund your dreams and achieve your financial goals through real estate.  But first?  We all make resolutions, and sometimes we keep them. And sometimes, we don’t.  Sometimes we don’t succeed even though we Really made a valiant effort (everyone saw… and the other side of that… everyone saw).

This post is for:

  • The ones who have failed in the past and don’t fully know why
  • The ones who have made the same promises over and over
  • Those who have been afraid to make promises
  • Those who are finally sick, tired and ready to change their home life, work life, and finances

For your business, personal growth or professional future (all equating to you finding financial success), here are 12 mind shifting perspectives that will change… everything.

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Guide For The Not So Handy Fix and Flipper

- - Entrepreneurship, Fixing

fix and flip

When you think plumbing, you think flood.  When you think electric, you think death.  When you think cabinetry, you stop trying to think.  You want to fix and flip, but cannot tell your thumb from a nail.

You are constantly bombarded by all the money that could be had, if only you were more… handy.

The best advice you can get?

Stick to your strengths.

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The Secret Of The Entrepreneurial Brain – 4 Defining Characteristics

- - Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are quirky. They are shapers and movers. Shifters and often the odd man out. Many aspire to be an entrepreneur, but when it comes down to it, an unwillingness to separate from normalcy, complacency and comfort stand in the way. Discussing entrepreneurship and drive can actually be a difficult topic because so many align themselves with being an entrepreneur, but are not really willing to make otherwise hindering changes or honest with themselves over complacency.

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Who Else Wants Their First Million? 5 Steps Setting You Up For Success

- - Wealth

Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is the most accessible road to wealth.  Some invest as a hobby/passion and others as a means to experience and do the things they love.  What differentiates those that make it and those that don’t?  It’s resilience, connections, work ethic,  industry education level and sometimes it just comes to the simple day to day.  To be successful using private money to fund your real estate project, you must begin to change your physical and mental environment.

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The Secret of Finding your Ideal Fix and Flip Property

- - Fixing

dream home

What does the ideal fix and flip property look like? While the market is thriving and the opportunities are endless, how do you go about identifying your dream fixer upper? Your bread and butter? Your segue to caviar and jet planes? Or really, what we all want, a happier, highly successful life that gives us the freedom to experience all the things we dream.

But… all dreams start somewhere. What does your dream look like?

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What Everybody Ought To Know About Living In A Rehab Home

- - Fixing

Cleaning Up after the Flood Water is Gone

Does it make you wonder what it would be like to live in your fix and flip? Maybe it’s in a different city or state? Maybe it’ll cut the cost of travel or rent? Or, just imagine all the work you will get done. Is living with the roaches and the dust really worth it? Or are you the kind who likes the disorder because you like the break from the world of Mr.Clean and Febreeze? Read on to discover if living in your rehab home is really worth the inconveniences it creates.

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