Finding Remote Deal

Maybe you live in the best market available, with potential deals down every street. This guide is not for you (unless you want it to be). Finding a deal in your own back yard is the best way to go, in my opinion. To read more on why CLICK HERE. But not everyone has the greatest opportunities in their zip code, and that shouldn’t stop you from putting good deals together. You can find great properties all over the country. Where Should You Look? With 50 states, one of which you occupy, it’s impossible ...

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Blue Tape Inspections

You're so close to the finish line...don't stop now! Just like with new construction, when you're renovating a house, you need to do a final walk through. Regardless of the size of the project--whether you only needed fresh paint and new appliances or whether it was a complete overhaul--you need to throw your fine-toothed comb in there and pick out all the nicks, splits, and smudges before paying your contractor's final bill. Even the best contractors miss things. A final walk through is part of the job. But if you don't know what to ...

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Not as Seen on TV: a Guide to Foreclosure Auctions

Even if you are new to real estate investing, you likely know what a home auction is. You've probably even seen one on a TV show where people buy a house, and after thirty minutes of airtime have completely renovated and sold a home. Just as the shows can give an inaccurate representation of the rehab process, they can poorly portray an auction, too. Foreclosure auctions are a viable way to purchase a hot deal with a healthy profit margin, but let's clear up some misunderstandings. If you've never been to a home auction, ...

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#1 Proof of Funds Mistake

If you're crunching the numbers, making consistent offers that are at your MAO (maximum allowed offer), and you're coming up bust, you may be making the #1 mistake with your Proof of Funds Letter. But before I tell you what the #1 mistake is, let's talk about rejection. Having your offer rejected is common. In fact, if your offers aren't getting declined consistently, you aren't making enough offers! Remember how we talked about making an offer on every single place you look at? (READ MORE HERE!) Even if your offers are strong, you're still ...

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Finding Owners of Vacant Houses

An investor recently asked me on Twitter, "I see vacant houses down the street. How do I find the owner? #asklee" Whenever you're driving or riding in a car, bus, uber, or taxi, you should be looking for vacant, boarded up, distressed properties, FSBO ("for sale by owner") properties, and houses for rent. When you see these house, especially when you target specific areas to know when people are moving in and out, you can capitalize on the potential purchase of a property, but only if you can find who owns it. Sometimes, it ...

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Don’t Look Without Offering

There are few similarities between purchasing your home (your primary residence) and buying a distressed house with the intent of fixing it and retailing it back into the market. For instance, when purchasing your own home, you will look at the house before deciding to make an offer. You're going to make sure it's a layout you like, and the quality is what you expect. That isn't the case when looking at an investment property. You don't always get the opportunity to look at a distressed home before buying it. At auction, for example, ...

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