10 Strategies to Increase Your Real Estate Rehab Game

Which strategy can bring your rehabbing to the next level?


Here at COGO Capital, we’re all about the user experience. From loan officer to closing paperwork, we want the process to be smooth and painless. We also want you to be as informed as possible, and if we can guide you to make more educated decisions along the way, that means the potential that you put together more deals, earn more profit, and have more fun.

Back by popular demand, here are 10 of the most helpful strategies we’ve put together, all in one spot. Bookmark this page to your browser, email it to other rehabbers or private money borrowers, print it and apply it as wallpaper in your bathroom—whatever keeps you learning and growing!

What is Seller Carry-back? What is Owner Financing? Learn how you can take advantage of either.
Learn how to price a wholesale deal the right way.
Do you know how to dig into the truth behind the sale? Learn how to figure out the seller’s motivation to give you a leg-up in the negotiation phase.
Now that you have the seller’s motivation, learn to structure an offer.
Want to make sure you have a way out of the deal in case something happens? Here’s how to protect yourself.
Wouldn’t it be great to have leads coming to YOU? Let’s get you there.
Now that you’re making profits, let’s make sure they aren’t slipping away.
We can talk about rehabbing and leads without mentioning bandit signs…
Foreclosures can be a great resource for your flip. But how do you find them?
I saved one of my favorite strategies for last!

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