The TLA, or the Three Letter Acronym, is almost everywhere in the real estate world, and investors throw these abbreviations around with abandon. Knowing what REO (Real Estate Owned) or ARV (After Rehab Value) means is required when purchasing property and seeking real estate financing. Here at COGO and Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing (LAS) we have our own TLAs or Three (sometimes two or four) Letter (sometimes digits) Acronyms. Here is a TLA primer on the tools we provide for you to use to succeed in real estate investing and enter the COW (Circle of Wealth).

R56 (Rule of 56)

R56 is the core habit of our real estate system. It is simply the fifty-six things that successful real estate investors do every week. The “rule” is that if you diligently do these things each week, you will get the leads, find the deals and make that offers that assure your success in real estate. To get R56 click here

SF (Send Fuse)

SF is the technological breakthrough that allows a real estate investor to find, research, and evaluate property; find, write and call owners; and make, send, and accept offers – all by texting from your mobile phone. It automates R56 and you can get it here

CDNA (Collateral DNA Report)

This tool helps you decide how much to offer on a property. Each CDNA report gives you a detailed analysis of a property, providing the area and comparative values you need to pen an offer. Order a CDNA report here

DSR (Debt Stack Report)

One the factors that determine whether a seller will accept your offer is the current debt and liens on a property. The DSR gives you a list of what is owed so you know where the owner stands. Run a DSR here

MAO (Maximum Allowable Offer Calculator)

Once you determine market value of a property, you will need to see if your projected offer makes since financially. The MAO allow you to see if the deal can be profitable and attractive to your lender. Find out what to offer here

POF (Proof of Funds Letter)

A POF is the letter from COGO Capital that you submit, with your offer, to demonstrate you are a serious bidder and you have COGO Capital behind you as a lender and source of funding for this particular deal.  Prepare a POF here

TTO (the Three-Tiered Offer)

You can increase the chances of your offer being accepted by structuring your offer with three alternatives for the seller. It is like making three bids at one time. You can learn more about the TTO in the R56 here and the Ironclad Offer here.

ROI (Return on Investment)

This is what happens after you find, fix, fund and flip your real estate deal.  This is what happens when you invest in yourself by entering the COW (Circle of Wealth) and making your real estate dreams come true. Enter the COW here:

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