Brandon Jolley

Brandon comes to Cogo Capital with over 15 years of sales experience. Through his career he has developed a reputation for being honest, having integrity, and for making things happen for his clients. He has a proven track record of meeting and exceeding goals that are put in front of him. Brandon brings those skills and history to Cogo Capital in his role as Broker Success Advisor. His goal is to bring his  expertise in private money lending and brokering to help his students succeed.

Posts by Brandon Jolley:

Assembling Your Real Estate Dream Team

Assembling Your Real Estate Dream Team: Navigating the Seas of Investment Investing in real estate is like being the captain of a ship on a long sea journey. Every crew member plays a crucial role, ensuring smooth and successful operations. Here’s a closer look at your essential crew members, each pivotal in navigating the unpredictable waters of real estate investment: Real Estate Attorney Your attorney acts as the ship’s navigator, using their legal knowledge to steer you away from potential hazards like litigation and regulatory issues. They provide expert guidance, helping you safely navigate through complex […]

time availability and value propostions

The Value Advantage: #2 Availability and Propositions

Inside Brandon Jolley’s Second installment of his series, “The Value Advantage” he touches on the importance of time expectations with clients as well providing extra value over your competition. Part of our Broker Success Series, Brandon seeks to educate and equip Private Money Brokers with the tools and knowledge to create better business opportunities for them and their clients. Readers can access the entire library of the series through the right hand menu on the blog.

value speedometer turned up to max

The Value Advantage: #1 Start by Valuing Yourself

What is the Value Advantage? In Brandon Jolley’s newest installment in the Broker Success Series, he speaks to the importance of starting with yourself. To truly bring value to your clients and ultimately success for yourself, dedicate time to preparing yourself with the right knowledge and mindset that attracts success. Click the link to watch his video.

Hot real estate markets for July 2022

Hot Real Estate Markets for July 2022

What are the hottest real estate markets in the nation right now? For brokers and real estate investors, when things take a downturn it usually means it’s a good time to find some deals. In this short video, Broker Success Advisor, Brandon Jolley, breaks down the research that shows where the opportunities are in real estate at the moment. Home prices are dropping and this is usually a sign that the real estate market is contracting. Click to learn more about where to set focus for your marketing for your real estate investing or loan brokering business.