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Lee Arnold is an Internationally recognized speaker and a 30-year veteran in the real estate industry. He’s been featured in articles in Forbes, the Boston Globe, Market Watch, Reuters, and Business Week. As CEO of Cogo Capital, Lee has guided the company from a one-man operation to a multi million dollar company that connects investors with private lending opportunities and alternative investments in real estate.

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Baby Boomers and Wealth Transfer

Baby Hold Onto Me… Whatever Will Be Will Be… Ready or not, it’s expected that within the next 25 years we will see one of the greatest wealth transfers of all time. Estimates of well over $60 TRILLION (yes, that’s a “T”) from Baby Boomers to their heirs or charities are expected. Naturally, the government will also get its cut. Those tasked with managing family assets will be faced with both significant opportunities and noteworthy challenges, especially when it comes to real estate holdings. The post-WWII economic boom saw unprecedented growth in all asset classes. Favorable […]

November 18, 2022 | Categories: Economic News, Real Estate Investing

Have You Noticed? Everyone is in Europe this Summer

This isn’t some trendy rehashing of “Roman Holiday.” It’s all about the Euro, which is now trading on par with the U.S. dollar for the first time since 2002. The European Central Bank’s halfhearted response to the war in the Ukraine and the resultant skyrocketing inflation has given American tourists an opportunity not seen in two decades. By comparison, during the Great Recession of 2008 the Euro was trading at approximately 1.6 times the US dollar. The thought has often been that weaker currencies were a way of stimulating stagnant economies and fostering growth. While exporters […]

August 10, 2022 | Categories: Economic News, Real Estate Investing

Don't size yourself out of success - Cogo Capital

Jumbo Mumbo: Don’t Size Yourself Out of Success

2020 is going to be a big year. It is time to set your sights high. Doing big things this year does not mean buying big, it means selling big. You will do yourself a tremendous disservice if you pursue properties that are in the jumbo category because only jumbo lenders can participate in this segment of the market and that represents only about 4 percent of the market. The Cap Now, if you pursue properties where your After Rehab Value (ARV) does not exceed the FHA cap for your area, you’re more likely to get […]

January 8, 2020 | Categories: Borrowing, Getting Started, Property Evaluation

Not So Scary . . . No Fear Funding

The one thing that seems to block most people from realizing their dreams is fear. To many, the scariest part of real estate is securing funding. New investors look at lenders as haunted houses and dread the process of funding their deals. Most fear is born of not knowing. Our goal is to provide you the knowledge you need to approach real estate financing unafraid.

October 16, 2019 | Categories: Borrowing, Communication, Getting Started

Circle of Wealth

Other People and Your Circle of Wealth:

The overarching philosophy of success at Cogo Capital and the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing is the Circle of Wealth. It’s the center of everything we do, everything we teach, and everything we want for our customers, our students, our financial clients, and our investors. Journeying on the path of the Circle of Wealth requires a vital element, the movement and momentum created by interdependence with other people.

September 11, 2019 | Categories: Entrepreneurship, Getting Started, Wealth