The Value Advantage: #2 Availability and Propositions

In this edition of our Broker Success Series, Broker Success Advisor Brandon Jolley talks about the potential value we have with all clients in order to find success.

Hi everyone, my name is Brandon Jolley. I’m the Broker Success Advisor for Cogo Capital. In my first video, I delved into the definition of value and its correlation with your earning income potential.

Today, I would like to cover two crucial points that can assist in improving your value to clients.


The first point involves availability.

While there are numerous communication channels available to maintain accessibility, it can become counterproductive. As our CEO, Mr. Lee Arnold, suggests, managing availability is essential. By controlling how you engage with clients, you can enhance the perceived value of your time.

Value Propositions

My second point revolves around providing unique value propositions that your competitors do not offer. As a private money broker, competition is fierce, so providing proof of funds letters, pre-approval letters, and free deal vetting can set you apart. What sets you apart from your competition? Consider your creative capabilities to drive more value to your business and increase your earning income potential.

Provide Unique Value Propositions that Your Competitors do not Offer

Stay tuned for our next video, where we will discuss two more points to help build value in yourself.

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