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Have you ever tried something that’s been out on the market for a while but is new to you, and your immediate reaction is that you wish you’d known about it sooner?

You watch a movie that’s been out for years, and everyone you know has already seen it, so no one wants to talk about it anymore?

You finally tried a restaurant, and now you’re kicking yourself for not having eaten there sooner?

Or, perhaps you’ve jumped on the bandwagon for wearing those fancy insoles in your high heels, only now it’s too late because the balls of your feet are damaged beyond repair!


Don’t let that happen to you with this new COGO Capital Webinar Series. Our new monthly series will cover everything you want to know about borrowing from the application process to obtaining a proof of funds letter, and even when we vet deals out to make sure you are only getting into a deal which will make you money.

Test your COGO lending smarts:
– Do you know if we only lend to seasoned business entities?
– Do you know which states we won’t lend to and which we will? (HINT! We’re lending in a new state, and we made the announcement here on the webinar!)
– Do you know if we require evidence for the source of a down payment?
– Do you know what the biggest delay is during the process and how to avoid it?
– Do you know if we fund rehab projects, multi-families, commercial properties, or all of the above?

Start now! Then, jump in monthly to learn more and stay educated about your real estate investing! Don’t get to the end of the year and suffer missed opportunity after missed opportunity before you find this webinar series only to wish you knew about it sooner!

So, if you want to learn about COGO’s creative solutions to funding your deals, learn what mistakes to avoid during this process, and so much more, jump on NOW.

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