Do you need to make money fast or are you looking to build long-term wealth?

(If you want to build long-term wealth, read this article. If you need to make money fast, CLICK HERE.)

Build Long-Term Wealth with Retailing:

The What:
Retailing a property—otherwise known as fixing and flipping—is a real estate investing path that puts more money in your pocket and builds an opportunity for long-term wealth. How? Well, let’s first talk about what this process typically looks like at a glance, as well as the benefits of it.

Flipping properties, or retailing, is, by my definition, the process of taking an often distressed property, investing in the renovation to make the property desirable, and selling it at a competitive price. When you buy low, rehab smart, and sell quick, flipping a property can make you a lot of money.

For real-life examples of this process and payoff, CLICK HERE or HERE.

The Why:
So, what makes this route appealing to investors like yourself?
1. Retailing a property maximizes the return on your investment. You are forcing the appreciation of the property through sweat equity.
2. It creates a feeling of satisfaction in physically changing a property’s worth.
3. You don’t have to use your own money, and this capital is tied up for less time than a buy-and-hold (Rentals/lease option properties).
4. Flipping also eliminates the management and leasing risk inherent in holding real estate.
5. When done right, you make a big profit in a short period. If practiced the way I teach, flipping a property will yield a significant profit in 90 days or less, which means you have the potential to do several properties in a year. Essentially, this way you get to determine your annual income.

The How:
Let’s get you in front of the Lee Arnold “Flipping Capital” System where you’ll learn how to avoid getting in over your head on a property, mistakes to avoid, how to determine the ARV, how to formulate the MAO (maximum allowable offer), understanding holding costs, and so much more. By calling us at 800-533-1622, you can purchase the system a la carte or pay less than half for the system by purchasing a yearly subscription to our Membership site.

Flipping Capital Screen - Cogo CapitalOr, I am PAYING the tuition for a set number of attendees for my Funding Tours, where I will teach these strategies and more. To find a Funding Tour near you and reserve your seat, CLICK HERE or call 800-533-1622. These tickets are $497 at the door, so book now while I’m still paying for your seat. I highly encourage you to take advantage of this education, network with peers, and prove that you’re ready to take the first steps into your real estate investing career.

By now, you may wonder why I have retailing listed in this article under “long-term wealth.” It’s true that if you stop flipping properties, you stop making money on them. So how does this relate to long-term wealth? By pulling in more profitLimited Time Offer - Cogo Capitals, you are building your capital until you have what we call “investor status.” To learn more about this and how to enter into the Circle of Wealth—where you will see the type of residual, passive income I’m talking about—check it out HERE.


Maybe this route is overwhelming to you, or you don’t have the time and effort to spend rehabbing the project. That’s fine. You’re probably better suited to Wholesale instead. READ THIS!