One of the most powerful of God’s creations here in the Pacific Northwest is the mighty Columbia River.  By volume, it is the fourth-largest river in the United States and has the greatest flow of any river entering the Pacific in the Americas.  At its mouth, the average flow is 119 million gallons of water per minute.  All that water did not originate from single source.  It flowed into the Columbia from thousands of tributaries in an area roughly the size of France.  Many small streams become a huge flow. It is not so different than the world of investing.


“And he brought streams out of the rock, and caused waters to run down like rivers.”
Psalms 78:16


The Sources of Your Success


One of the core ideas when we created the Lee Arnold System was that success in real estate investing does not come from one source: not from one source of income, not from one type of property, and not from one strategy of investing.  Having multiple streams of income is an imperative in the creation of real wealth in real estate investing.  We have built a network of companies to create that opportunity.  At Lee Arnold System of Real Estate, we teach numerous strategies for Real Estate Investors: Wholesaling, Wholetailing, Fix and Flip, Lien Abatement, Short Sales as well as Private Money Brokering.  A real estate investor can successfully use these multiple strategies, often in combination, to maximize multiple streams of active and passive income.


Freeing Your Capital for High-Yield Investments


Your finance strategy can also create opportunities for additional streams of income.  Real estate investing can be a capital-intensive business but by using other people’s money with private money lenders like Cogo Capital, you can free your own capital and create additional streams of income by putting your cash to work.  With the benefits of elite borrowers benefits at Cogo, Master’s level Lee Arnold students can reduce their capital requirements even more.  This freed capital can, in turn, be invested in high-yield investments for even more returns.  

At Secured Investment Corp. the latest way to put freed capital to work, is SIC’s new Circle of Wealth Fund III LLC.  Previously you needed to be an Accredited Investor (with $1 million in assets or the required high income) to invest your capital in our high-yield funds

We formed the Circle of Wealth Fund III, LLC (“the Fund”) for the purpose of providing participating investors with similar benefits that are offered to Accredited Investors through the Secured Investment High Yield Fund II, LLC — a real estate focused investment opportunity through private money notes and carefully chosen real estate projects.  The multiple streams of income can be created sooner with the investment capital you have now.


Your Mighty River of Passive Income


Real estate is one of the most desirable alternative asset classes available.  Investing in a real estate-backed fund can allow you the benefits of a real estate investment, without the costs of ownership. But now, you don’t have to be Accredited to participate.

Until now, investments like these have been out of reach to the average investor, and only accessible to high net-worth individuals.  With our brand new, Reg A+ Fund, you can invest as a private lender without being Accredited. This is one of the only funds in the nation of its kind.

If you’re excited about the opportunity to invest in private mortgages, but don’t want to get involved in vetting of the borrower, underwriting the loan, and servicing the monthly payments, this may be the best opportunity available!  Click below to see how you can add this additional stream of passive income today!How To Get Involved Today - Cogo Capital

Step One: Take your first step to this powerful stream of income. Just click HERE
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Step Three: Become part of the Circle of Wealth and be rewarded for being one of the first in line.
Step Four: Earn up to 6% preferred (and potentially more) on your freed capital and receive monthly cash-flow into your own river of wealth.

Build your own River of Income