The Value Advantage: #2 Availability and Propositions

Inside Brandon Jolley's Second installment of his series, "The Value Advantage" he touches on the importance of time expectations with clients as well providing extra value over your competition. Part of our Broker Success Series, Brandon seeks to educate and equip Private Money Brokers with the tools and knowledge to create better business opportunities for them and their clients. Readers can access the entire library of the series through the right hand menu on the blog.

The Value Advantage: #1 Start by Valuing Yourself

What is the Value Advantage? In Brandon Jolley's newest installment in the Broker Success Series, he speaks to the importance of starting with yourself. To truly bring value to your clients and ultimately success for yourself, dedicate time to preparing yourself with the right knowledge and mindset that attracts success. Click the link to watch his video.

Market as if You Are Selling Door-to-Door

Most of these paradigm shifts are much easier said than done. However, the natural anchor in any sales conversation is the price. The customer will always gravitate towards the price. The mistake that many salespersons make is that they will do the same, and then try to justify it. That is a terrible approach and rarely works. In any transaction, the value of the product must be greater than the price in exchange for that product.