Not So Scary . . . No Fear Funding

The one thing that seems to block most people from realizing their dreams is fear. To many, the scariest part of real estate is securing funding. New investors look at lenders as haunted houses and dread the process of funding their deals. Most fear is born of not knowing. Our goal is to provide you the knowledge you need to approach real estate financing unafraid.

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Out-Earn Your Competition with One Little Step

Out-Earn Your Competition with One Little Step There are other investors in your area, no matter where you live. Do you want them to rise to the top, or would YOU like that position?... If you’re more competitive than most, you are aware of their names, their jobs, and their earning potential. That’s okay, especially if it stirs your motivation or gives you a baseline to strive for. But what can you do right now to pass your competition? How can you get the house first, make more profit, secure your name in the market? Want ...

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Starting Simple

Don't Overcomplicate Investing (Until You've Performed the Basics) Starting Simple Will Better Serve You Working and investing in Real Estate holds the designation of being two things: 1- A pursuit where you can all too easily get in over your head (keeping it simple helps to avoid that) and; 2- A pursuit where creative thinking and unconventional strategies (NOT keeping it simple) can pay off big time! So exists a dichotomy between keeping your deals simple and creatively complicating your deals for maximum returns. I recently had a series of conversations with a student where she ...

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Broker Clientele Building

Do you know the fastest way to build your clientele? If you are a Private Money Broker, you may be paying HIGH opportunity costs by not maximizing your clientele. With $77 Trillion sitting in bank accounts, savings, and retirement accounts in America, there’s no shortage of investable money. Additionally, 30% of all real estate is owned free and clear. With all the real estate owned in America, can you wrap your brain around how much equity that is to tap into? In short, there’s a whole of money out there that doesn’t know what to do ...

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