Other People and Your Circle of Wealth:

The overarching philosophy of success at Cogo Capital and the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing is the Circle of Wealth. It’s the center of everything we do, everything we teach, and everything we want for our customers, our students, our financial clients, and our investors. Journeying on the path of the Circle of Wealth requires a vital element, the movement and momentum created by interdependence with other people.

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Real Estate Investing Strategies To Try

Three Different RE Investing Strategies All real estate strategies can make you profit, but many choose a specific type when just starting out due to current resources and exposure. Whether you are new to real estate investing or you have experience (but may need a little inspiration) let’s review the three main types of investing strategies. I encourage you to begin testing out these different areas, as you can begin to practice all of them simultaneously. …

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