Hot Real Estate Markets for July 2022

What are the hottest real estate markets in the nation right now? For brokers and real estate investors, when things take a downturn it usually means it's a good time to find some deals. In this short video, Broker Success Advisor, Brandon Jolley, breaks down the research that shows where the opportunities are in real estate at the moment. Home prices are dropping and this is usually a sign that the real estate market is contracting. Click to learn more about where to set focus for your marketing for your real estate investing or loan brokering business.

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How to Become a Successful Money Broker

To be a successful money broker, there are certain things you need to do to make your clients happy. In this blog post, we'll go over the basics of how to become a successful money broker and offer insight into brokering private money loans. Keep reading to learn more! What Does a Private Money Broker Do? A money broker is an intermediary between private money lenders and borrowers. Real estate (RE) investors doing fix-and-flips can sometimes hit the ceiling with their lenders. Financial institutions, like banks, might be unwilling to lend to a real estate investor ...

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Broker Success Series: 1. Building the Need

A Paradigm Shift to Sales: #1 Building the Need In this edition of our Broker Success Series, Artur Budimir, Account Executive and Broker Success Advisor, talks about the sales mindset necessary for broker success Sooner or later, everyone realizes the importance of being able to know how to sell.  It is a vital skill that you won’t get from parents, teachers, or schoolbooks.  And the sooner you lay down this foundation, the better and easier your life becomes. However, most individuals learn sales incorrectly because they witness it second-hand.  They are on the receiving end of ...

Loan-to-Value and You

  An LTV (or loan-to-value) ratio is an important part of underwriting, and as such, deserves your understanding in order to comprehend the process of your loan. The loan-to-value, or LTV, on a property is determined by taking the debt owed divided by the fair market value. Let’s say a house is worth $150,000 and the owner’s outstanding debt is $112,500. $112,500 / $150,000 = 0.75 or 75% The LTV on this property is 75% You’ve probably seen this equation structured differently: Fair market value minus the debt owed, which equals EQUITY. $150,000 – $112,500 = ...

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Why Use Private Lenders Instead Of a Bank?

The difference between banks and private lenders are these. For regulation as it relates to banks, regulation is very high and as it relates to private lenders it’s low. I don’t have a crystal ball and I'm probably going to regret saying this, but I don’t an cipate or foresee much regula on in the private money mortgage market any me soon other than the licensing requirements which we’re already seeing. The reason for this is the Federal Government knows that with the mandates against banks through FDIC and all the other hoops they have to ...

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