First Time Flippers

If you are a first-time flipper you can expect a mix of excitement, challenges, and learning experiences as you embark on your journey into real estate investing. Here's a sample of what you can expect: Initial Research and Education Before diving into flipping properties, first-time flippers should invest time in learning about the real estate market, and about the following: property valuation financing options renovation techniques and local regulations. Conducting thorough research and seeking advice from experienced investors or real estate professionals can help beginners build a solid foundation of knowledge and skills. Finding the Right ...

We have Expanded Our Portfolio!

It's easier to make great deals when you have the right tools! We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you—Cogo Capital has expanded our hard money loan options to better support your real estate investment dreams! At Cogo Capital, we understand the challenges and opportunities that real estate investors face every day. That's why we're constantly striving to enhance our offerings and provide you with the resources and flexibility you need to succeed in today's dynamic market. With our expanded portfolio of hard money loan options, you now have access to a wider range ...

How to Win a Bidding War

Cogo Capital's mission to provide capital to real estate investors not only facilitates profitable real estate transactions, but also empowers investors to compete effectively, even in a bidding war. By offering asset-based, hard-money lending, Cogo enables investors to move quickly and confidently, making competitive offers on properties without the constraints of traditional lending criteria. This flexibility can be a significant advantage in fast-paced real estate markets where securing financing swiftly can make the difference between winning and losing on a property. Ultimately, by supporting investors in their endeavors, Cogo Capital plays a crucial role in helping ...

The Value Advantage: #1 Start by Valuing Yourself

What is the Value Advantage? In Brandon Jolley's newest installment in the Broker Success Series, he speaks to the importance of starting with yourself. To truly bring value to your clients and ultimately success for yourself, dedicate time to preparing yourself with the right knowledge and mindset that attracts success. Click the link to watch his video.

Market as if You Are Selling Door-to-Door

Most of these paradigm shifts are much easier said than done. However, the natural anchor in any sales conversation is the price. The customer will always gravitate towards the price. The mistake that many salespersons make is that they will do the same, and then try to justify it. That is a terrible approach and rarely works. In any transaction, the value of the product must be greater than the price in exchange for that product.

Broker Success Series: 4. A Lasting Impression

In this edition of Brandon Jolley's five-part series, "Marketing to Your Customer Avatars," Brandon explains why it's so important to main consistency in your marketing. It takes numerous "touches" by a prospect in order to convert them into a customer. Read more and watch the complete video by clicking the link.

Broker Success Series: 2. Marketing to the Four Avatar Types

Marketing to Your Customer Avatars: 2. Marketing to the 4 Types of Customer Avatars In this edition of our Broker Success Series, Broker Success Advisor Brandon Jolley talks about marketing to different customer types In our last video, we talked about avatars and the four personality types of those avatars. Next, we want to talk about what marketing tactics to use to reach those individual avatars. First, we have Amiable Amy. Your focus with Amy should be to build rapport. You should position yourself as a partner with her in in helping her solve ...