Not So Scary . . . No Fear Funding

The one thing that seems to block most people from realizing their dreams is fear. To many, the scariest part of real estate is securing funding. New investors look at lenders as haunted houses and dread the process of funding their deals. Most fear is born of not knowing. Our goal is to provide you the knowledge you need to approach real estate financing unafraid.

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10 Traits Private Money Lenders Want To See In You

What’s a real estate investor’s favorite thing to see in you, the borrower?   Themselves. Rich and Poor Priority Differences Articles are swarming social media feeds referring to the differences between the poor and rich.  The poor watch more hours of television (reality television at that), while the rich maintain a to do list, wake up 3+ hours before work, regularly read, network, and listen to podcasts/audiobooks on the commute. When you walk from first class to coach on your flight, you'll often notice the people in first class on their laptops- with spreadsheets open or ...

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This Formula Turns A Minimum Wage Job Into 7+ Figures

Use This Formula to Generate Wealth In Real Estate My employees and clients are highly familiar with this formula. I’ve seen great successes and failures all having to do with who adhered to the formula’s rules. The formula is pretty simple, but in a nutshell, the most powerful force in helping you achieve wealth through real estate. …

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Spring Clean Your Life

Spring Clean Your Life Tis the season to get the dirt out. And I’m not just talking about cleaning out the cupboards. Spring is all about a renewal and resurgence in the desire to take a giant leap forward in your personal and professional life. To do this, you need to dust the cobwebs off of your New Year’s goals, write or rewrite your 5-year plan, and begin to assemble the pieces that will make these dreams a reality. I meet people every day who are mucking around in the clutter of their lives. They have ...

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Slam Dunk of a First Year

Slam Dunk of a First Year Testimony of Dmitriy and Gaby Dyachuk Dmitriy and Gaby’s journey with flipping houses starts as simple and honest as anyone’s: they attended a Funding Tour. Having shown interest in studying real estate investing, the couple committed to spending a weekend on their new idea. From gobbling up all the information they could in the classroom to taking full advantage of the bus tour with active participation, Dmitriy and Gaby knew this was for them. …

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How to Shred Through 200,000+ Phone Numbers

How to Shred Through 200,000+ Phone Numbers Getting through 200,000 phone numbers is doable. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say it’s easy. Now, like most things, you can tear through these phone numbers one of two ways; the long, hard, trial-and-error way on your own or you can do it the tried-and-true way by learning from someone who has consistently done it…in 20 seconds… Impossible? Who thinks a phone book is durable? Could you run over it with your car without causing too much harm? Could you wedge it between a door and ...

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Novice Borrowing

Real Estate is a long-term finance and management proposition. You must be an efficient manager for your properties if you're going to be a successful investor, but equally important, you need to secure a trusted source of financing. Less money down equals more deals, more equity, more net worth, and more cash flow. If you are just starting out in the investment world, the first source of financing you may think of is conventional, bank finance. That's what you've secured for your primary residence, and it might be all you know. Especially if you're new to this ...

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Fixing and Retailing Houses

Fixing and retailing houses can be an extremely lucrative business. I should know. I’ve spent almost my entire professional life using this avenue to create wealth. Not only am I an expert on the topic, but have created a comprehensive system for you to use that takes out the guess work, the headache, and the trial and error so you can set yourself on a path to success. And my system of education doesn’t stop at rehabbing homes. I’m guessing that flipping is your main real estate focus, but we have something for everyone who is ...

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Loan-to-Value and You

  An LTV (or loan-to-value) ratio is an important part of underwriting, and as such, deserves your understanding in order to comprehend the process of your loan. The loan-to-value, or LTV, on a property is determined by taking the debt owed divided by the fair market value. Let’s say a house is worth $150,000 and the owner’s outstanding debt is $112,500. $112,500 / $150,000 = 0.75 or 75% The LTV on this property is 75% You’ve probably seen this equation structured differently: Fair market value minus the debt owed, which equals EQUITY. $150,000 – $112,500 = ...

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