Over the years, I have had countless clients and consulting students remark that they want to be an entrepreneur. They want to be the CEO of their own business, make all the decisions, and immediately reap all the benefits. But I’m here to tell you… It’s not that easy. The journey of an entrepreneur is marked by many challenges and, although from an outsider’s perspective it looks easy, it takes substantial grit, a very thick skin, and a good deal of planning and execution.

A well-oiled machine does not start out as a well-oiled machine. It requires an incredible amount of engineering most people will never see. Everything from money to space to employees takes years and years of planning, tweaking, strategizing, and hard work, which mostly takes place behind the scenes.

Because of this, new and even experienced entrepreneurs take pause when they hit more challenging snags in business, such as a changing, or even declining, market. They reassess what they’re getting into and wonder if the challenges and added responsibilities are even worth it? As the CEO of Secured Investment Corp, I can tell you I’ve been there… multiple times. But, I can also tell you it’s worth keeping your wits about you and not throwing in the towel. 

One of our mottos is: Your Success is Our Success, which stems from our Circle of Wealth Model. I can’t begin to name the number of people who have benefitted from this system of wealth creation. This model gives people the education, experience, tools, and capital to realize their real estate success.

When people take what we have taught them and actually apply it, they attain success. And once they’ve done this enough and created enough revenue, they are then in a position to come back and help others in the Circle of Wealth, just as others once helped them. This is the Circle of Wealth in action. People helping people. Through this model, we’ve created millionaires and multimillionaires, and have been instrumental in funding thousands of private money loans. It’s with pleasure to say that over $100 million would not have found its way into the market without us, and that driven people around the world would not have had the proper training or awareness to identify a good deal without our educational program. Because of my great team, we have been able to give many investors the tools and capital to find great properties, package them into fundable deals, and realize their profit potential.

We have been at the forefront in creating significant and positive change for people all over the country through our Circle of Wealth Formula and our goal is to continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in wealth creation for our clients. I don’t know of any firm out there capable of doing what we do. Yes, there are private money lending firms, real estate investing companies, and training companies, but no one else has brought all the deliverables to one location like we have. Our process and organization reaches a level of cohesion incredibly difficult to match.

I tell you all this because it takes time, effort, and infrastructure to be where we are today… and we’re still growing. I believe you have the necessary grit and wherewithal to do it too. So, my advice to you, as you begin this quest of entrepreneurship, is to challenge everything with a why. Success stems from constantly questioning the status quo.

This company began with the question, “What would happen if I provided the education and funding to investors and a place for lenders to earn stronger returns on their money by investing in loans backed by real estate?” The answer became a company that brings the best possible people together with the richest experience available. In essence, it is the Warren Buffett philosophy on achieving wealth: There is no limit on what you can gain from the market, but it’s not something you can do on your own.

I want you to be a part of this journey too. Together, we can create something phenomenal!