The old paradigm in real estate was this: You call a real estate agent. The agent shows you a lot of overpriced homes. You pick one. Your agent makes an offer. You call your agent over and over about the offer. You pay too much. You go to the bank. You beg for a loan. You fill out endless paperwork.  You close on a home without equity.

The Next Disrupter

Private money lending disrupted that paradigm. Lenders like Cogo Capital provided a new service to an under-served market, real estate investors, and created a completely new industry.  In the way things are done in real estate, the next disrupter is now here.  Lee Arnold System acquired a new technology called SendFuse, which, by simply texting on your mobile phone, you can research properties, send letters, make phone calls, and submit offers.  There is no app or program to download just use your phone’s own texting feature.

Automating Real Estate

SendFuse will change the way real estate investing is done and this ground-breaking innovation will disrupt and displace established technology. What took real estate investors hours, can now take minutes. Like an automated personal assistant, SendFuse saves time and money for any investor with a SendFuse license.

 “A disruptive technology is one that displaces an established technology and shakes up the industry or a ground-breaking product that creates a completely new industry.“  Margaret Rouse

How to Disrupt

With these simple texted commands, SendFuse completely automates the real estate investment process:

  1. Research

It’s usually the first thing you do when driving for dollars. Just send ‘Research’ and the property address to SendFuse, and get back basic data on the property and the financing information.

  1. Title

This document allows you to make smart decisions. Equity, comparables, owner, and much, much more is delivered right to your email inbox so you can see whether to make an offer and for how much!

  1. Skip Trace

Send the command ‘Skip Trace [address of the property] to SendFuse and receive the best phone number for the property owner if available.

  1. Cold Call

Once you get the results from Skip Trace command, the SendFuse ‘Cold Call’ command allows you to send that phone number to its call center assistant to contact the owner and set an appointment.

  1. Send mail

OK, it looks like a great potential deal. Now let’s fire up our postcard marketing juggernaut and start a sequence of postcards selling the owner on why he or sell should sell the property!

  1. Send Offer To

Sends an offer by US Mail to the property’s owner along with a Proof of Funds Letter, for the amount of the offer.

  1. Watchlist

When you find a property and aren’t necessarily ready to Send Mail, Cold Call, Send Offer or perform other SendFuse functions, using this command will save the address it to your dashboard for follow up.

In Your Pocket

Investors with this ground-breaking tool will have a significant advantage over their competition.  You can disrupt your own real estate market and profit from the speed and efficiency that only SendFuse can provide.  I want you to have this disruptive technology in your pocket now because I don’t want you to be left behind. Click the link below and I will show you how!

Show Me How - Cogo Capital