Follow Through or Foul Out… You Choose

I got a call from a man that claimed my system didn’t work and that it was “trash” (I won’t entertain you with the expletives he used in the most creative ways). When he was done with his tirade, I began the usual question and answer segment of the call, which goes something like this… “Have you sent out letters, made phone calls, and visited motivated sellers? Have you written any offers?” Basically, “Have you even used my system?” His fumbling answers amounted to a big, fat “N-O”.

You see, the easy part is getting excited about something. You get sold on a service or product, yet as time goes on, your excitement begins to wane. You lose your drive and drop the ball, and you find yourself in the shoes of the customer above who called and wanted his money back. You didn’t see the benefit (because you didn’t use the product or work the program) and you don’t want to blame yourself, so you blame the ineffectiveness or dysfunction of the product.

Have you ever done this? We’re human. Most of us, myself included, have committed the sin of not following through on a project or program and then turning around and placing the blame elsewhere.

Follow Through to a Tee

The other day (when we were not having a blizzard), I went golfing. It was one of those early spring days when the grass is still dormant and the air still has a chill in it. As I was positioning myself at the tee, I thought of the phone call I had with the unhappy client.  He was like an inexperienced golfer who likes the idea of the sport but doesn’t understand the importance of following through on the swing. Thus his game is all over the place and he ends up quitting long before he can learn how to properly swing the club.

Unfortunately, not following through sets you on a slippery course of inaction. It becomes habitual and you’ll find that reasoning yourself out of working at something is much easier than actually working at it. The problem, of course, is that in the end you have nothing to show for it.

Follow through is one of the most important practices in business. Sending out letters and putting ads on Craig’s List will mean nothing if you don’t call back the responders. Getting the phone to ring is only part of the recipe to successful marketing, following through to the close is the rest and obviously the most important part.

If you are on the fence, or you are finding that your drive or ambition is beginning to falter, remember that continual effort always turns into steady growth and wealth. Being wealthy takes constant work. It takes a watchful eye on the market and a motivated drive to jump on opportunities the moment they rear their heads.

So, follow-through with the courses you’ve purchased and the strategies you’ve invested in and work at the projects you have signed up for. If you do, I guarantee that you will be successful.