Marketing to Your Customer Avatars: 1. What are the 4 Types of Customer Avatars

In this edition of our Broker Success Series, Broker Success Advisor Brandon Jolley talks about marketing to different customer types

What is an Avatar?

When I say the word avatar, you may think of a children’s cartoon or even a blockbuster movie. But when I think of the word avatar, I think of the definition in Miriam Webster that says: it’s an embodiment of a concept or philosophy often in a person.

This basically means that you can project an image from anybody that you want to work with, and you can target that person and be able to get involved with them in a way that’s going to mutually benefit both of you in marketing.

The Four Personality Types of Avatars


The first one that you’re going to come in contact with is somebody by the name of Amiable Amy.  Amy is a personable person who wants to do business with somebody that she trusts. Amy’s are risk averse and like to involve others to help in the decision making process


Assertive Andy is decisive and solution driven.  Andy is looking for direct ways to solve problems. Andy is competitive, but Andy is also a slow decision maker.


You have expressive Eric. Eric is curious, has a high emotional IQ. He’s creative, he’s outgoing and spontaneous Andy or Eric is a decision maker and he wants his decision maker making process to be more holistic.


Finally, we have Analytical Arnold. Arnold loves data. Arnold is no nonsense. He only wants the facts. He’s a slow decision maker and he’s the most cautious of all of these avatars.

Know Your Avatars

I wanted you all to learn about these four types because you’re going to have a mix of them come to you in your businesses, and you need to make sure that you know who they are at all times.  On my next video, I’ll be talking about how you are going to be marketing to each specific client avatar.

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