Marketing to Your Customer Avatars: 2. Marketing to the 4 Types of Customer Avatars

In this edition of our Broker Success Series, Broker Success Advisor Brandon Jolley talks about marketing to different customer types

In our last video, we talked about avatars and the four personality types of those avatars. Next, we want to talk about what marketing tactics to use to reach those individual avatars.

First, we have Amiable Amy. Your focus with Amy should be to build rapport. You should position yourself as a partner with her in in helping her solve problems.

Amy likes to work with people that can paint a picture of the partnership. Amy likes to see examples. So where possible, you should show testimonials and present guarantees. This will allow Amy to build more rapport with you and want to work with you further.

  • Visual oriented
  • Likes to work with people
  • Likes to see customer experiences, such as testimonials
  • Guarantees go far with this avatar type

Next up, we have Assertive Andy. Be prepared with Assertives. Assertive Andy likes to know that you have all the answers when you communicate with him. Communicate with authority.
Show Andy that what you offer is the solution to his problem. Andy is competitive. So, make sure you’re appealing to that too. Make sure that he knows that your product option and benefits make him the most competitive in his market as possible.

  • Be prepared—know your product and its benefits.
  • Likes to be shown the solution.
  • Competitive. Touch on how the solution can be used to beat out the competition.

Next up, we have Expressive Eric. Eric likes to feel warm and fuzzy. When you market to Erics, you need to know what it’s going to take to make him feel that way. He needs to see that what you present to him will benefit more than just him. Eric wants to work with people that he can have a long term relationship with. So share Eric Case studies. Eric likes those.

  • Purchases based on how something makes him feel
  • Likes case studies
  • Seeks long-term relationships with those he does business with

And finally, we have Analytical Arnold. Arnolds are one of the hardest to work with as they are skeptical of those they come in context with. So don’t force this relationship. Arnold wants “the facts and only the facts.” He does not like generalities and want to understand your product or service in detail and how it is specific with him.

  • Hardest clients to work with
  • Wants the facts
  • Detailed-orientated

And our next video. We’ll talk about how to get those avatars to like you and why that’s important. We’ll see you next time.

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