IT HAPPENS EVERY YEAR. We ring in the New Year and resolve to change the world. You KNOW that this year will be the year for you! You’ve made your list of goals and there’s no stopping you now! You’re determined to accomplish EVERYTHING by the next “obligatory new year goals list.” You’re going to get there! You can just feel it in your bones. You do it, I do it, we all do it!


Realistically: new year goals suck.

February comes along and we’re back to our normal lives: semi-stressed about not meeting the idyllic goals we set for ourselves not even a month before!

Here are a few reasons why so many of us fall short of accomplishing our new year goals:


Inherently, even the best of us have a lazy day… or days… or weeks… or a lazy month… and then it’s almost January again?!

When we set these goals every year, we think too broadly. When a goal seems too daunting, we are discouraged and then do everything we can to avoid doing “the thing.” We all procrastinate at some point!


Saying that you want to earn $250,000 or lose 25 pounds sounds great, but these goals are often cut short because we run into an issue along the way (or don’t even know where to start!). The best thing to do is set check points for yourself. Instead of saying I want to lose 25 pounds, plan to work out every other day for an hour and reduce your sugar intake. Then set a date to check where you’re at. That seems a little more bearable, right?

Same for real estate investing! Instead of saying you want to earn $250,000 this year, plan to do 10 $25,000 deals (about one every month) and allow yourself some wiggle room. Now THAT is a lot more manageable.

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When you set a large goal for the future, there will always be things that take priority (sometimes you just have to do something NOW). Soon enough you’ll realize that your deadline is right around the corner, so you put the old goal on the next new year’s goals list.


I heard on the radio that March is the ideal time to start working on your New Year resolutions. That might sound a little off at first but think about it… you have two whole months to devise a plan on how to hit your goals and establish the checkpoints to get there. Everyone needs a game plan, at least to keep our procrastination in check. If you take the adequate time to plan out how you are going to achieve your goal, you are 90% more likely to accomplish it!


We’ve all experienced a time where we’ve fallen a little short of a goal we’ve been striving to accomplish. It feels 10x harder to pick ourselves back up when we’ve been putting in 110% every minute of every day. You’ll get burnt out! It doesn’t have to be a sprint!

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If you’re working toward a goal and stress over accomplishing “the thing,” it makes the whole experience unbearable. You’re not going to want to do it. Don’t be driven by the outcome, enjoy the process! You HAVE to enjoy what you are doing or at least find the little things that make it bearable. If you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll want to do it more!

“I love experimenting with workouts to tone my body” = Losing 50lbs!

“I love the challenge of growing my real estate investing business” = $250,000!

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