In America, we celebrate the tradition of the self-made woman or man.  We believe that, by rugged self-reliance, individuals succeed, carving out their own place in the world.  Although we are responsible for our own success, taking that journey alone can be difficult, lonely, and often foolhardy.  Success in business, real estate investing and life itself is an exercise in leverage.  Our efforts are multiplied by the efforts of other people.  

Ecclesiastes 4:9 “Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor.”

The overarching philosophy of success at Cogo Capital and the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing is the Circle of Wealth.  It’s the center of everything we do, everything we teach, and everything we want for our customers, our students, our financial clients, and our investors.  Journeying along of the Circle of Wealth requires a vital element: the movement and momentum created by interdependence with other people.

Other People’s Knowledge:

The first step on the Circle of Wealth is training you how to achieve real estate success. You cannot learn real estate investing by serious self-contemplation. You need the knowledge, advice, counsel and experience of those who have and are currently succeeding in the field.  That is the reason there is the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing.  We have taken the years of practical real estate experience of myself, my top mentors, coaches, and employees and distilled it into a step-by-step system of real estate success.  We are the “other people” whose knowledge you can leverage for your own success.

Other People’s Money:

The next step in the Circle of Wealth is providing you funding for all your real estate investment deals.  One of the fundamental principles of real estate is using other people’s money to leverage your investing.  With other people’s money, you can multiply a 10% down payment by tenfold in buying power and by tenfold in resulting profits.  Other people’s money, in the form of Cogo Capital private money lending, can dramatically increase the size and scope of your investing business.

Other People’s Work:

Revolving around the Circle of Wealth leads to providing strong double digit returns as a private money lender. As you develop and expand your real estate business, your growth will require you to use your capital, instead of your labor, to build more wealth.  Other people are happy to do the work when you provide the capital.  Whether it is funding real estate notes yourself or investing your capital in high-yield private equity funds that lend to investors, Secured Investment Corporation is your avenue to leverage other people’s work.  Previously you needed to be an Accredited Investor (with $1 million in assets or the required high income) but with the advent of SIC’s new Circle of Wealth Fund, you can put your capital to work now.

Other People’s Earnings:

Come full circle in the Circle of Wealth with the final stage: true passive income and multiplying wealth, with us servicing your private money lending.  In essence. you become the private money “bank” and our Lake City Servicing does the heavy lifting.  Passive income means quarterly checks from other people’s earnings. Your capital has become the “other people’s money” giving opportunities to active investors that are happy to share their earnings to borrow from you.  

Other People’s Help:

So how do you bring other people into your own Circle of Wealth? Just ask!  I created the following link to allow you to arrange a complimentary consultation with my own Business Development Team.  For now, I have asked our Circle of Wealth experts to help you plan your leverage of other people’s knowledge, money, work and earnings:


Your Circle of Wealth Consultation