Making it Rain series host Artur Budimir back with tip #1! Artur is our Broker Success Advisor and Account Executive; he will be walking us through the intricacies of what it means to have reputational capital.

Specialty is Key

Let’s talk about making it rain when it comes to your lead flow optimization. What is your company doing when it comes to your marketing plan and how you focus on areas of specialty? As we know, there are riches in niches.

Tip number one for lead flow optimization, when it comes to making it rain, you need to focus on your company’s reputational capital.

Grow your Reputational Capital

Reputational capital is a phrase that we have coined, it is when you want to reward clients for their success and build a long-term game plan for working together. When you are generating leads, you want to fulfill the current need that they have.

Next, show them the long-term view that you have for their success and their long-term relationship with your company.

Focus on reputational capital and how you can help your client over the long-term.

I’ll see you for the next tip.

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