A Paradigm Shift to Sales: #3 Selling the Value, Not the Price

In this edition of our Broker Success Series, Artur Budimir, Account Executive and Broker Success Advisor, talks about the sales mindset necessary for broker success


Most of these paradigm shifts are much easier said than done. However, the natural anchor in any sales conversation is the price.

The customer will always gravitate towards the price. The mistake that many salespersons make is that they will do the same, and then try to justify it.

That is a terrible approach and rarely works. In any transaction, the value of the product must be greater than the price in exchange for that product.


focus on value

Sell the value of your product or service. Sell yourself with the right value and do not diminish it. Talk about the value for as long as possible, before disclosing the price for your product or service.

The earlier in the conversation that price is brought up, the more it diminishes the value. The farther in the conversation that price is brought up, the more it adds to the value.

If you add enough value throughout the conversation, and your product becomes the solution to their pain, they will pay whatever price necessary to attain it.

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