Risks of Private Money

Discover how to reduce your investment risks with private money lending. In this blog post, Gary Meyers, Vice President of Cogo Capital, shares his insights on the potential risks of private money lending and how partnering with an experienced lender like Cogo Capital can help you make informed decisions. Learn how Cogo Capital can help you analyze property values and assess rehab costs to avoid overpricing and exceeding budgets. Click now to read more and mitigate your investment risks with Cogo Capital.

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Finding Private Funding for Real Estate Investors

Lee Arnold, CEO and founder of Cogo Capital, shares pointers on finding private funding for real estate investors   Attract Private Funding for Your Real Estate Deal Investors often ask the question, how do I find funding? What investors should really be doing is allowing funding to find them. Let me explain. Funding, like so many things in life, is about attraction. We get who and what we attract.  It's the law of attraction and it works in every aspect of your life, including finance. So how do you “attract” funding?   Reduce Your Risk Profile ...

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Planning Your Project

Planning Your Project With each passing day, your loan costs you a little more. Don’t get discouraged...get organized! The best way to assure that you’re maximizing your profits on any given project is to make sure you’re maximizing your time. Well, okay. The BEST way is to buy the property at the right price--we make money when we BUY, after all, and we realize that money when we sell. But I digress…Time is money, but unlike money, you can’t get your time back. TIME IS UN-REFUNDABLE. USE IT WITH INTENTION. Even the experienced investor may need ...

Small House, Big Payoff

Nathan Brown had always watched the flipping shows on TV and talked about one day doing a project, but it wasn’t until he returned from a vacation when he realized it was time to do something about it. With instruction and guidance from Lee Arnold of the Lee Arnold System for Real Estate Investing, Nathan took the plunge. “After so many HGTV, DIY Network and Do It Yourself home shows, we knew it was time to take the plunge. Calling COGO capital was the first step in a great decision. Talking with Lee and his staff, they helped ...

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Determining Your Property Values

Determining Your Property Values Before you place a bid at a foreclosure auction, you need to understand what a home's value is. You should also know the property's lien position, do a title search, understand your exit strategy, and get your financial ducks in a row. To read more about the other steps <CLICK HERE> 1) Drive by the Property We need to drive by the property. Do not buy a property if you or someone you trust and are working with drives by it. If you buy a property at an auction, you own it. ...

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