Risks of Private Money

Discover how to reduce your investment risks with private money lending. In this blog post, Gary Meyers, Vice President of Cogo Capital, shares his insights on the potential risks of private money lending and how partnering with an experienced lender like Cogo Capital can help you make informed decisions. Learn how Cogo Capital can help you analyze property values and assess rehab costs to avoid overpricing and exceeding budgets. Click now to read more and mitigate your investment risks with Cogo Capital.

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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Real Estate

I love making mistakes. (Well, sort of.) Why? First, mistakes mean I'm trying something new, and good things often come from stretching myself. Second, every mistake I have made, I've turned into a learning opportunity so that YOU can avoid the same misled path and can make up the money where I've lost it in the past. We all make misguided choices, often with the best of intentions. And we shouldn't jump into every opportunity expecting to just make a bunch of mistakes. Not only is that going to keep us from taking advantage of good ...

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Entry Strategy

What's in a name? We've discussed exit strategy, process, acquisitions, and many things in between. Let's talk about entry strategy, specifically the name There are as many answers to the question of entry strategy as there are options to purchasing real estate. There is flexibility in mixing business and personal, the purpose of the property, interest rates, and taxes. Let’s focus on the name under which you should purchase a house to fix and flip so you can maintain better control over your exit strategy. Why does your exit strategy determine your entry strategy? If you ...

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Finding the Ugliest Houses for Your Next Fix and Flip

When you're just starting in real estate investing, it can be daunting to consider the entirety of your home town (or nearest urban area). But it doesn't have to be. You can get started by simply getting to know your neighborhood better! Real estate investing has an equation.  Like any bit of "mastery" where the general populace thinks "easy" but never gets close enough to try (because really, where to begin?), real estate bargain hunting is an art (sales/negotiation) and a formula (the piece of the equation we will be discussing in this blog post). How ...

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Financing Q&A

It's time for another Q&A, and once again I'm excited. I receive frequent questions about financing. I'd rather get the same question a thousand times than never have you ask. But though engagement is key, I love when I get the opportunity to disclose a few answers, to the more regularly asked questions. Q- Do I have to be educated by The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing to get funding from Cogo Capital? A- No. You can apply for and receive up to 90% of value on the property even if you've never even ...

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Ask Yourself This Question

If you want to simplify hard money and almost guarantee that every deal you bring in will get funded, ask yourself this one question: "If I were the lender, would I lend money on this deal?" If you look at a deal and critically think whether or not you would accrue the risk involved, you can better understand if it's worth lending on said deal. Now, that might seem too simple, and if you don't understand how funding works, the question isn't going to do you any good. But, if you understand how to make sense ...

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How Following Up Can Change Your Business

What is the best practice you've implemented when investing in real estate? All of our answers may vary, but I would argue that one overarching discipline sets successful investors apart from hobby-level investors: your follow-up routine. We all know that it cost more to gain new clients than it does to maintain the ones you have. A lot of people send out mail, for instance, and that's great! It's an often untapped way to get your foot in the door with potential buyers and sellers. According to a recent USPS study, 98% of consumers bring in ...

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