Do you know how to find a good real estate investment deal?

Do you know what to do to acquire it?

Do you know how to be involved in the decision making process of how loans are funded?

Have you actually seen, in person, the local real estate in your own back yard?

Do you know how the closing process works?

Do you have money to acquire these properties? What about the money to fix them up and sell with none of your own money down?

I’m using this week’s #TestimonyTuesday to drive home the point that testimonies can come from anywhere and anyone, even Funding Tours and even people who are just starting out on their journey. Sometimes you look at people who’ve made tens of thousands of dollars on a fix and flip, and it seems too far off for you to even fathom.

But what if you were challenged to just take ONE STEP, and that one step showed you how to make the next and gave you confidence and knowledge to keep plowing forward, one step at a time. What if your spend 3 days advancing your dream into something that was tangible. What if you made your that ONE STEP and it changed everything?

I’m challenging you to take that one step now.


But, don’t take my word for it…

“I enjoyed to bus tour today. It was eye opening to see the houses and to listen to all the input that was given, and how they would rehab the houses. It was a really good experience and I would recommend it to anyone.” David Parker- Oklahoma

“As a visionary from Chicago, I’ve been to many events, but have never had an experience like the Lee Arnold VIP session. I’m blown away by how powerful and impactful it was to have Lee Arnold sit with us and breakdown every fear and hindrance. He helped me think of the big picture, and take bite-sized portions in order to get the first deal done. There’s no stopping you if you’re backed with Lee’s education and COGO Capital’s financing!” Ray Colon- Chicago, IL

“I recommend this training to everyone who can get this chance. We learned a lot, how to go over the numbers and how to use other people’s money to make money. It has been a great opportunity for me.” Annet Natukunda- Aurora, CO (originally from Uganda Africa)

“I learned how we can get and use private money in our business and make money by helping others get private money. It’s a great business model and a great training. The instructions are fun and they answer a lot of questions. You don’t get pushed to decide and they’re there when you need additional information.” Ken Gandy- Katy, TX

“You see multiple income streams in that which most of us want to do anyhow; invest in real estate. You need to be here!” David Kunselman

“After coming out to the Funding Tour in Oklahoma City from Golden, Colorado, I gained a serious appreciation for the fineries of the underwriting process and realized what it’s like to be in a hedge fund. The event was fun and informative, and I can’t wait to learn more about rehabbing.” Rob Katona- Golden, CO

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