The Secret to Monetizing Every Time

Flipping a house can be fun and profitable.

It can also be a frustrating nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Maybe you’ve seen one of the many TV shows on the subject, and in the span of an hour witnessed an entire property rehab, which drives up the property value, puts cash in the flipper’s pocket, and all they had to do was overcome 10 minutes worth of problems (usually a broken pool pump or another seemingly innocuous issue).

Now YOU decide to try it, and so you find a house on the MLS that seems cheap. Now the gears are really turning in your mind. You’re going to try this thing! Except then you get into it and realize it’s NOTHING like you see on TV.


You’ve seen the shows, and know a few people who’ve successfully flipped a property. Maybe you’ve even jumped on a webinar to soak up some extra knowledge, watched a few YouTube videos, and you’re ready to go. Good for you!

Only, you get into a project, quickly realizing you’re in WAY over your head. You’ll be lucky to dump the property without losing money, let alone MAKE any.

Folks. It doesn’t have to be like this!

If you know what you’re doing, flipping a property can be an amazing experience that puts money IN your pocket.

How would it feel to know exactly how to find, fund, fix, and flip a property using the very same methods Lee Arnold has used to become a real estate millionaire? Would it take the guesswork out if you could know these steps and the key to flipping houses with no money down?

If you don’t want to go into a project blindly (and why would you skip out on the potential to make more money and repeat the process for a long and lucrative career?), then keep reading for a limited offer on how you can become certified as a rehab specialist at a special discounted rate today.

Before House Photo - Cogo CapitalAfter House Photo - Cogo Capital Inside After House Photo - Cogo Capital
This Tallahassee junker was turned into an ABSOLUTE head-turner, and the rehabber walked away with a HUGE profit: $105,000!!!

What she had under her belt going into this rehab? CERTIFICATION!

We want to get you to the next Certified Rehabber event on September 13 – 16th in Kansas City, Missouri so you can begin earning big, fat fix and flip fees too!

Learn how to grab your Certification today (PSST: We’re offering $1,000 off)
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This is the perfect chance to get several wholesale and fix and flip deals stocked into your pipeline THIS YEAR. That way the checks keep coming in, one after the other, after the other…

Q- Is it required to be a Certified Rehabber to qualify for a Cogo Capital loan?

A- No. But being certified as a rehab specialist ensures that you can take a project all the way through to completion, mastering the process and dialing into the details using proven methods used by Lee Arnold himself.

Q- I’ve done a project before, and it was successful. Can I still benefit from this certification?

A- Have you ever take a college-level computer programming course? If you used what you learned then today, would it be the most current, efficient way to program software? Point is, with his finger on the pulse, Lee Arnold and the Lee Arnold Team walks the walk every day by flipping dozens of properties a year. Learn from those who constantly advance, continually improve, and always hone in on what works. Even if you’ve done this before, there’s a chance you’ve missed out on PROFIT. If you don’t advance your education, you could miss out on even more.

Q- What’s the cost?

A- First, we’re offering $1,000 off for a limited time. Because this blog will exist long after the special is over, please note that you may not be able to receive the discount again. So HURRY to the link below to see if you can still benefit from this deal!

You can’t afford to miss an event that pays for itself after you complete your first fix and flip deal on time and under budget!

Certified Icon - Cogo CapitalIMPORTANT NOTE:
We also offer you a Success Deposit! When you fix and flip your first deal using Cogo Capital money, bring us pictures and a testimonial, as well as a copy of the check, and you’ll get your ENTIRE investment back!

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain, so <<CLICK HERE>> NOW to learn more and get started!


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