5 Tips to Create Laser Focus in Your Marketing: #1 There are Riches in Niches

In this edition of our Broker Success Series, Artur Budimir, Account Executive and Broker Success Advisor, talks about the mindset necessary for broker success


More is Less

It’s easy for business owners to get bogged down with the sheer quantity of things that can be done with marketing today.

Customers are demanding more from businesses and competition is fierce for many in the lending and real estate investment space. With all that we are told we “should do,” marketing paralysis can occur when no real guiding strategy is present.

Business owners are simply overwhelmed with the thought of what to do next.

But maybe “more” isn’t the answer? Instead, maybe doing “better” is the solution we seek. And sometimes to realign with that “better” focus, we need to take a step back to understand the way forward.

Making higher quality content can lead to better-qualified leads as well as influence your market to seek out your content over others.

This comes by way of understanding our prospect’s needs and aligning our solution to solve their problems.

So, let’s take a moment to set aside thoughts about the tools of marketing and think about the intent of what we do.

There are Riches in Niches

For many entrepreneurs, the key to success is to find a niche that is under-served and to exploit it. However, the error many commit is when that rationale doesn’t translate into their marketing efforts.

Niche Down

So much of the marketing you see today is heavily weighted towards product features or generic branding.

Instead, it should be focused on a niche.

Start by asking what is the sweet spot for your company? Do you have a loan or RE investment product that dominates among your product offerings?

A clear understanding of your niche helps create alignment between you and the prospect. Simply put, you have a solution that meets their needs.

Your USP is the Solution

Your Unique Selling Proposition is your calling card, your ace up your sleeve. What can you offer that no other company can offer, match, or beat to solve your prospect’s problem?

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Setting yourself apart from others with a USP is the game changer.

The USP answers the client’s question of “why should I work with YOU?”

More importantly, your USP should be specifically positioned to appeal to customers inside that niche you are targeting.