Turning Cold Calling into Dialing for Dollars

The phone is not your enemy.

In fact, if you let it, the phone can be your best and most effective marketing tool.

For some of you, this idea makes you a little queasy. And youu2019re not alone. Cold calling seems to be most peopleu2018s biggest hang-up (no pun intended!), so letu2018s first start by changing what itu2018s called.

Cold-Calling sounds impersonal and unpleasantu2026

So letu2018s call it:

Dialing for Dollars. Putting a positive spin on a difficult task can take the sting out of getting started.

Here are some other tips you can use when dialing for dollars:

1. Donu2018t get frustrated

When mining for gold, you have to sift through a lot of dirt to finally find the golden nugget. There are a lot of golden leads out there, but to find them you may have to sift through the u201cnot interestedu201d and hang-ups.

2. Prepare a script

However, donu2018t let this become a handicap. Too many people recite a script verbatim, and itu2018s quite obvious to the customer that youu2018re reading a script. Let the script be a guideline for the conversation, and then allow yourself to improvise and shift with the direction of the discussion. People would rather talk to you, instead of simply reacting to a rehearsed and prepared script.

3. Listen to the customer

Did you know that most people just want to be listened to. They may be lonely or simply need to feel that their situation is important, especially when itu2018s concerning their home. The biggest service you can do for someone is sit back and give them some room to talk about their problem. Once you have listened, youu2018ll have a better understanding of how to develop the perfect solution to their challenge.

4. Set appointments

This lets the person know you value their time, as well as your own. The first call should be an introduction to who you are and why youu2018re calling. Then set up the appointment that suits both your schedules.

5. Be persistent

80% of new sales are made after the 5th contact, yet the majority of sales people give up after the 2nd call. Donu2018t give up. Let the rejection roll off of your back, give them a little room, and then call back. They may just need to know that youu2018re serious.

6. Be prepared for success

Too many people dial a number and then count down the minutes to failure. If this is what youu2018re doing, then youu2018ve failed long before youu2018ve made the call. Always be prepared for success. Just this one tweak will change your success-rate ten-fold!

Cold-calling shouldnu2018t send shivers down your spine. Instead, it should give you a sense of control. Instead of waiting for someone to call, youu2018re taking the initiative to contact them. Putting the above steps into play will only help you become more comfortable and successful in the process.