5 Tips to Create Laser Focus in Your Marketing: #2 Use Free Marketing Platforms Like You’re Paying for it

In this edition of our Broker Success Series, Artur Budimir, Account Executive and Broker Success Advisor, talks about marketing yourself and your business to achieve top performing results.

Qualifying Yourself and Your Product

In today’s day and age of social media, over-stimulation and over-saturation, you are fighting a different battle when it comes to marketing than the one 20 years ago.

Experts have famously said that a typical American sees around 10,000 ads in a day. That is why many claim that today’s most precious commodity is one’s attention. Due to this suffocating amount of white noise all around us on a daily basis, it is a matter of life-or-death that your marketing stands out.

We battle every day for our customers attention, by giving them ads that catered to needs, wants, goals we are able to cut through the constant bombardment of other ads.

How do you Capture Someone’s Attention?

Well, the first step is that you go to where the fish are already biting!

Don’t market your website as your primary focus. Don’t market through other channels where you are starting from scratch to get eyeballs.

Instead, market yourself on the channels everyone is already on.

And your only trick is to do it more consistently and better than your competitors.

Final Thoughts

Remember, the rule isn’t to make sure someone remembers you; rather, it is to make sure they never forget you. So, whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or any form of free social media platform where the majority consensus congregates at by the million and millions, start your marketing there and then explore outwards.

Using social channels as organic advertising can be useful if you have a sizeable audience.

Maximize these free opportunities! The amount of free marketing opportunity presented in the digital universe is almost overwhelming and only few companies truly exploit that opportunity.

Utilize free marketing like you are paying for it.

“The attention economy is not growing, which means that we have to grab the attention that someone else has today”
– Brent Leary