Broker success advisor Brandon Jolley joins us to discuss personal development.


The previous video discussed two key points to help you enhance your value proposition and increase your earning income potential. Another important factor we will discuss in this series is personal development. A factor that can largely improve your professional growth and increase your professional talent.

As Jim Rohn famously said, “Your earning income potential is directly tied to your level of personal development.” Just like the pilot instructs passengers to take care of themselves before assisting others in case of an emergency, you must prioritize your own well-being to effectively serve your clients.

Personal Care

Physical self-care involves adopting a healthy diet and exercise routine, while mental self-care requires daily meditation, personal time, and seeking professional assistance if necessary. Spiritual self-care entails practicing gratitude, reading scriptures, praying, and serving others in your community.

Professional Development

By focusing on your personal development, you increase your value to your clients and thus your earning income potential.

Join me in the next video as we explore more strategies for advancing your professional growth.