The Value Advantage: #1 Start with Yourself

In this edition of our Broker Success Series, Broker Success Advisor Brandon Jolley talks about the potential value we have with all clients in order to find success.

Value Advantage of One’s Self

It is essential to acknowledge that one’s earning potential is directly linked to the value they offer to others. I would like to provide insight into the definition of value as relative worth, intrinsic value, and a fair return on investment. It is crucial to develop this value within oneself to enhance earning income potential. I invite you to stay tuned for upcoming videos on how to establish and grow value within oneself.

The concept of value can be defined as the perceived worth of a product or service to a particular individual or group. It encompasses intrinsic value, desirability, and the perception of a fair return on investment in terms of time or money.

Investing in Your Self

In the upcoming videos, we will discuss methods of enhancing your personal value, which in turn, can result in an increase in your earning income potential!

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