Cogo Capital Vice President, Gary Myers, speaks to those looking to get involved in real estate investing and why use private money to fund those deals.


I am here to talk to you about why people use private money.

Well, plain and simple, a lot of people don’t have money.

But they want to do what they see on those fix-and-flip TV shows. They want to buy rental properties, short-term, or long-term investment properties.

But what is holding them back?

Well, it’s money.

So, what can they do?

Well, they can reach out to private money lenders like Cogo Capital, the number one private money lender in the nation.

Why do we want to use other people’s money?

Well, the reality is it’s about the return on investment.

Not only do we have money, but we are a lender that allows investors to get money for the acquisition, rehab, and long-term financing of a property. Borrowers can get those low-interest rates and build a portfolio of cash-flowing properties.

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Next Steps

Take the plunge into investing in non-owner occupied properties by contacting Cogo Capital today for help funding your next real estate investing project. We look forward to working with you!