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Rates and Terms

Cogo Capital provides fast and creative financing solutions for today’s investor, making finding funding the easiest part of any real estate deal. An excellent alternative for investors who don’t meet the rigid requirements and guidelines of conventional lenders, Cogo Capital funds deals without performing many of the rigorous and time-consuming steps required by conventional lenders. When you work with Cogo Capital, you benefit from quick decisions, fast turn-around, and the comfort of knowing that you are working with a lender that works as quickly and creatively as you do!

What if you have Good-to-Great Credit?

Although we don’t punish you for having a mediocre (or even awful) credit score, we do reward you for having great credit! It’s called The Cogo Advantage, and it provides borrowers who have great credit scores with cheaper money!

How it works

It’s all based on a tiered model. Every loan application is assigned a Cogo Tiered Rating. Through our proprietary system which allows us to maintain consistency in our evaluation, Cogo Tiered Ratings permit potential investors to easily consider a loan application’s level of risk.

Send Cogo Capital a Message

We make every effort to messages requests within 24 hours during normal business hours. If we aren’t meeting your requests in what you consider to be a timely fashion, please feel free to reach out to us at 800 473-6051.

Thanks again!​

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