How to Use Private Money

I’m here today to talk to you about how to use private money. Now, in today's market, a lot of people are buying real estate or wanting to get into real estate. But one of the things that are holding them back is money—plain and simple. How to Get Started We love those TV shows, you know the ones, the fix-and-flip shows, and all that great stuff. But how do we really get involved? How do we get started? Now, a lot of you would argue that we've got to go find a real ...

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Use Free Marketing Platforms Like You’re Paying for it

5 Tips to Create Laser Focus in Your Marketing: #2 Use Free Marketing Platforms Like You’re Paying for it In this edition of our Broker Success Series, Artur Budimir, Account Executive and Broker Success Advisor, talks about marketing yourself and your business to achieve top performing results. Qualifying Yourself and Your Product In today’s day and age of social media, over-stimulation and over-saturation, you are fighting a different battle when it comes to marketing than the one 20 years ago. Experts have famously said that a typical American sees around 10,000 ads ...

Why Use Private Money

Cogo Capital Vice President, Gary Myers, speaks to those looking to get involved in real estate investing and why use private money to fund those deals.   I am here to talk to you about why people use private money. Well, plain and simple, a lot of people don't have money. But they want to do what they see on those fix-and-flip TV shows. They want to buy rental properties, short-term, or long-term investment properties. But what is holding them back? Well, it's money. So, what can they do? Well, they can reach out ...

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There are Riches in Niches

In Artur Budimir's first installment of "5 Tips to Create Laser Focus in Your Marketing" he speaks to the importance of understanding and "niching" down in your market. This is a function of aligning your solution to a problem the prospect has in the market you serve. Through a well crafted and well understood Unique Selling Proposition (USP), business owners can see improved results in their marketing to meet the needs of their clients. Read more...

Baby Boomers and Wealth Transfer

Baby Hold Onto Me… Whatever Will Be Will Be… Ready or not, it’s expected that within the next 25 years we will see one of the greatest wealth transfers of all time. Estimates of well over $60 TRILLION (yes, that’s a “T”) from Baby Boomers to their heirs or charities are expected. Naturally, the government will also get its cut. Those tasked with managing family assets will be faced with both significant opportunities and noteworthy challenges, especially when it comes to real estate holdings. The post-WWII economic boom saw unprecedented growth in all asset ...

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