Optimize Your Lead Flow to Maximize Your Deal Flow

Cogo Account Executive, Artur Budimir, shares with readers the finer points of marketing in his newest article.  Published in Private Lender Magazine by AAPL, Artur teaches readers how to "make it rain" for your business by optimizing your deal flow, resulting in more business and a better experience for your clients.

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Availability and Propositions

Inside Brandon Jolley's Second installment of his series, "The Value Advantage" he touches on the importance of time expectations with clients as well providing extra value over your competition. Part of our Broker Success Series, Brandon seeks to educate and equip Private Money Brokers with the tools and knowledge to create better business opportunities for them and their clients. Readers can access the entire library of the series through the right hand menu on the blog.

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Does Hard Money Lending Affect Credit Scores?

Most experiences with lending involve pulling a credit report for the borrower. But is this always the case with private money lending? And if so, how does it impact the borrowers credit score. Cogo Capital Underwriter, Haley Bakken, provides some detail in answering this question. Click the link to learn more.

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Start by Valuing Yourself

What is the Value Advantage? In Brandon Jolley's newest installment in the Broker Success Series, he speaks to the importance of starting with yourself. To truly bring value to your clients and ultimately success for yourself, dedicate time to preparing yourself with the right knowledge and mindset that attracts success. Click the link to watch his video.

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What is the Underwriting Process

Learn about the importance of underwriting in the real estate process. As underwriter for Cogo Capital, Haley and her team review a lot of deals. Data and documentation are part of the process, but understanding whether a deal is profitable takes some calculation. Get a summary overview of the process by watching Haley's latest video.

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